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UTI Asset Management Company

About UTI AMC IPO: UTI AMC, founded in 2002, is in the business of managing UTI Mutual Fund’s domestic mutual funds. They offer portfolio management services to institutional clients and high net worth individuals such as Employee Provident Fund Organisation, National Skill Development Fund, and Postal Life Insurance, and manage retirement funds such as NPS, offshore funds such as Shinsei UTI India Fund, and alternative investment funds to a diverse group of individuals, institutional investors, banks, trusts, and NRIs.

Fundamentals of UTI AMC

  • According to CRISIL, UTI AMC is the largest AMC in India in terms of Total AUM, the seventh-largest AMC in India in terms of mutual fund QAAUM with Rs 1,542.3 billion, and has the highest proportion of average monthly AUM among the top ten Indian AMC based in B30 cities.
  • Management fees from domestic mutual funds make for 72.7 percent of the company’s overall income.
  • UTI AMC developed India’s first mutual fund and has been in the asset management market for more than 55 years, with a solid history and proven track record in the mutual fund sector and high brand awareness.
  • UTI AMC manages 11 million live folios, accounting for 12.8 percent of the Indian mutual fund industry’s client base.

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  • UTI AMC has 163 UTI Financial Centres, 273 Business Development Associates and Chief Agents, and 33 additional Official Points of Acceptance around the country. In addition, UTI AMC employs roughly 51,000 Independent Financial Advisors.
  • UTI AMC has four sponsors: SBI, LIC, PNB, and BOB, which are majority-owned by the Government of India. T. Rowe Price International Ltd, a worldwide asset management firm, is also one of UTI AMC’s significant stakeholders, holding 26 percent ownership in the company.
  • UTI AMC operates 178 domestic mutual fund schemes as of September 30, 2019, including equities, hybrid, income, liquid, and money market funds.

Why is UTI AMC going public?

UTI Asset Management Company Ltd’s initial public offering (IPO) provides an early investing opportunity for UTI Asset Management Company Ltd.

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An investor in the stock market can purchase UTI AMC IPO shares by applying for the IPO before UTI Asset Management Company Ltd shares are listed on the stock exchanges.

An investor might invest in the UTI AMC IPO for short-term or long-term listing gains. UTI AMC IPO provides a chance to purchase IPO shares before they are posted on stock markets.