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Tech Tips, Tricks and Guides

Introduction: Wasting time is something that no sensible person will accept because the modern generation is racing with time to do a lot of things. Although there are many ways in which technology has shortened our time commitments, a clever ruse is always appreciated by everyone.

Regardless of how well we know an application or software, there is generally always a shortcut that we have not picked up yet. The same can be said about hardware: we may use many devices daily without being aware of the useful nuances that come with them.

Some tech tips

Accurately insert your USB drive the first time

It seems like common sense to say that there is just one correct method to plug in a USB cord. Then why is it that we so often get it wrong on the very first attempt? The remedy is as follows: Get a USB cable from anywhere in your home and plug it in. Do you see that sign on the other side?

It is not only a matter of decorating or branding. If one is inserting the cable horizontally, the sign will point upwards; if you are inserting it vertically, it will face you. The USB symbol will face you if it is inserted vertically. You are now aware.

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Reopen a closed browser tab

It takes place regularly. You have a dozen tabs open on your browser, and you shut the incorrect one by mistake. You have the option of opening the history of your browser and reopening the tab from there, or you may do this action with only a few keystrokes.

On a PC, you can instantly reopen the tab that you just closed by pressing Ctrl+ Shift+ T, and on a Mac, you can do the same thing by using Command+ Shift+ T.

Share a video on YouTube at an exact point

You may acquire a link that brings people immediately to that time if there is anything in a YouTube video that you want to share at a certain point. If you find something that you want to share at a particular point, you can receive a link that gets people straight to that place.

To share the video, click the Share icon that is located underneath it. You should be able to find a checkbox just underneath the link. It will automatically show the time at which you have the movie paused now that you are watching it.

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Importance of tech tips

  • If one systematically performs work it helps in increasing the life of your gadgets.
  • Great tech tips allow a person to perform a thing in less time and an efficient manner.