Survey Reveals Indian CIOs Embracing AI: Over a Quarter Investing in Generative AI

Survey Reveals Indian CIOs Embracing AI

Survey Reveals Indian CIOs Embracing AI: It’s already been spent money on by more than a quarter of CIOs. Lenovo and IDC say that creative AI will be the most important thing for CIOs in 2024. It will be more important than making more money, which was the most important thing in 2023. That and how happy and satisfied the customer is are also very important.

Survey Reveals Indian CIOs Embracing AI: Over a Quarter Investing in Generative AI

The study says that new tools and a focus on customers are changing the way businesses work.

The study CIO Playbook 2024: Smarter AI for India and the Asia-Pacific was made with the help of a poll of more than 900 CIOs.

“The AI Playbook echoes what we have been hearing from the customers. CIOs in India are most confident about AI, with 95% expressing certainty that it will create a competitive advantage, and 57% of them consider it to be a game changer for their organisations,” said Amit Luthra, managing director, India, Lenovo ISG.

“Higher investments in gen AI and machine learning followed by deep learning systems, underscore their desire to elevate operational efficiency, security, decision-making processes and customer experiences,” added Luthra.

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About 93% of Indian CIOs are most interested in business intelligence and AI that talks in 2024.

84% of Indian CIOs use AI to keep their businesses safe, and 14% have plans to start using it soon. Robots, cybersecurity, finding threats, and automated and clever automation are just some of the technologies that have changed because of AI in India.

28% of CIOs in India and 33% of CIOs in Korea say they invest in next-generation AI in the Asia-Pacific area. After these countries come ASEAN+ with 11%, Australia with 2%, and Japan with 2%. In the Asia-Pacific area, a study found that AI workloads will be used 31% of the time in public clouds, 28% of the time in private clouds, and 28% of the time in hybrid clouds.

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