Apple’s AI-Driven App Store Ad Optimization Under Testing

Apple's AI-Driven App Store Ad Optimization

Apple’s AI-Driven App Store Ad Optimization: Advertisers can enter their budget and cost-per-acquisition targets along with the desired audiences and countries they want to target through Apple’s new campaign type.

By using artificial intelligence (AI), the algorithm determines the best placements for the brand’s ads across its four formats.

Apple TV+ could also include automation powered by AI as an advertising-supported plan, similar to Google.

The Apple TV+ streamer and other Apple products will be supported by Winston Crawford, who joined Apple in September as its head of global ad sales.

Business Insider, citing people familiar with the effort, reported that two types of ads will be displayed in the search tab and on the search results page.

Users are seeing “You might also like” ads on app product pages and on the “Today” tab when opening the App Store for the first time through AI.

We are testing formats that automatically place ads in the App Store with a small group of advertisers.

Although the report mentions Google’s Performance Max and Meta’s Advantage+, it does not mention Microsoft’s Performance Max. It also only mentions one area to place the ads, rather than a variety of options to choose from. Brands have multiple media options with both platforms — Google and Microsoft.

In the report, Apple said that the tests are being conducted to learn how to improve the performance of its Apple Search Ads. According to one source familiar with the matter, the new product is expected to be introduced in the coming months.

A series of recent hires may help the company build out its streaming platform, according to reports.

According to Business Insider, Joseph Cady, who previously worked for NBCUniversal as executive vice president of advanced advertising and partnerships, has joined Apple. The company has also hired a few other video advertising veterans from NBCU, Peacock, and FanDuel.

Advertisers and consumers alike will benefit greatly as Apple refines and expands its AI-driven advertising platform. With its ability to deliver tailored, personalized advertising experiences, powered by AI, Apple is poised to revolutionize digital advertising and elevate the App Store ecosystem to new heights of innovation.