Rehman Biography: Education, Wife, Career & More Facts

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Actor Rehman, who hails from India, has worked in many films. We are going to discuss some of the most important events that have taken place in his professional life.

Rehman Biography

Rehman’s early life: Rehman was an Indian actor whose career lasted from the late 1940s up until the late 1970s. He was born on June 23, 1921, and passed away on November 5, 1984. He was an essential member of the Guru Dutt squad, but cinema roles brought him the most fame and recognition.

Rehman acting career

After graduating from college in 1942, he enlisted in the Royal Indian Air Force and received his pilot training in Poona. He wasn’t interested in serving in the Air Force, so he departed quickly to pursue a career in movies in Bombay.

He is best recognised for his smooth and elegant portrayals, which perfectly reflected his own demeanor and sensibilities. It was under Vishram Bedekar that he got his start in the film industry, working as the third assistant director at the studios in Pune. 

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Vishram required the services of an Afghan who was proficient in the art of Pashtun turban tying for one of his characters. Because Rehman, who is Pashtun, possessed this ability, he was cast in several leading roles in films.

Pyar Ki Jeet, in which he starred alongside Suraiya and featured the hit song “Ek Dil Ke Tukade Hazar Hue, Koi Yahan Gira, Koi Wahan Gira,” was one of his most successful films as the hero.

Another song that Suraiya found to be very popular was Badi Behen. Even though she was insistent about wanting to marry Dev Anand, he, along with several other suitors, was interested in Suraiya as a potential spouse.

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In addition, he collaborated with Madhubala on the films Paras (1949) and Pardes (1950), which both achieved widespread acclaim and financial success.

Rehman death

In 1977, he had three heart attacks as a direct result of drinking an excessive amount of alcohol. In addition to this, he was a heavy smoker, and doctors ultimately determined that he had throat cancer. A man who was known for his majestic voice was unable to communicate in his final days because he had lost his voice and was unable to reclaim it. Rehman died in 1984.

Rehman’s personal life

Actor Said Rehman Khan worked in both Hindi and Indian films over his career. He was born on June 23, 1921, in Lahore, Punjab Province, British India (now in Punjab, Pakistan), into the royal Mohammadzai clan of the Barakzai tribe of the Durrani confederacy of Pashtuns.

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Barakzai is one of the Pashtun tribes. In 1905, his Afghan forefathers left Kabul, Afghanistan, and went to Punjab, India, while Afghanistan was still a part of the British Raj.

His family asserts that they are descended from both King Amanullah Khan of Paghman and Ahmad Shah Abdali of Herat, who is credited with establishing both the Durrani Empire and the contemporary state of Afghanistan.

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