Rajesh Sharma Biography: Age, Wife, Family, Education & Career

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Rajesh Sharma is an Indian actor who works for Hindi and Bengali Films. He is popular for his negative roles in the Bengali film Industry. He is that type of actor who is very versatile and can play any role very confidently and easily.

Rajesh Sharma Biography

Rajesh Sharma Early Life and Education Rajesh Sharma was born in Ludhiana Punjab ( India) on 8 October 1970. He completed his educational qualification at Bhawanipur Adarsh High School in Kolkata and then at the National School of Drama ( New Delhi ).

Rajesh Sharma married Sudipta Chakraborty in 2005  who is a Bengali actress but after 4 years the couple broke up in 2009 and later he married actress Sangita Sharma in 2011. 

Rajesh Sharma’s Career and Popularity 

  1. Rajesh Sharma made his debut in the Hindi movie Maachis in 1996.
  2. He has completed more than 100 + movie roles as a character actor and 6 + in web Series to the present date. 
  3. He appeared in most of the Bollywood top movies in a character role.

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Rajesh Sharma became popular by following the Web Series

  • Ray (2021)
  • Patal Lok (2020)
  • Life Sahi Hai (2018)
  • Kark Rogue (2018)

In 2001 Rajesh Sharma acted in the movie Pratibadh which was a major leading change for him, this movie made him more popular than common in the Bengali  Film Industry. 

More Information about Rajesh Sharma 

Rajesh Sharma collaborated with most of the popular TV shows film actors and actresses. 

Rajesh Sharma believes that her life-building person is Usha Ganguly who taught him acting in movies and the film industry. 

Rajesh Sharma secondly credits Aparna Sen who made him popular in the Bengali Film Industry by providing him roles in big movies and introducing him to popular producers of Production Industries. 

Rajesh Sharma altogether thanks her mother and always says -what he is now is due to her mother. 

Rajesh Sharma follows one of the dialogues from his movie Undying City – that “When you give something to your life, life will return you back in a beautiful way”.

Rajesh Sharma’s net worth is $ 5 Million.

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