Rajendra Nath Biography: Unveiling Height, Weight, Age, Career & Personal Life

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Rajendra Nath was one of the best actors and comedians in the Indian film Industry. He is the one among the comedians who introduced comedy scenes made popular in the film industry. 

Rajendra Nath Unveiling Height

Rajendra Nath Early Life: Rajendra Nath was born on 8th March in Tikamgarh Madhya Pradesh( India) in 1931. He completed his educational qualification from Darbar College Rewa Madhya Pradesh. He belongs to the locality of Karimpura and they settled in Jabalpur ( Madhya Pradesh).

Rajendra Nath introduced himself to the Film Industry in 1949 and started working with his elder brother Prem Nath. His three brothers were in the film industry in supportive roles or played actor roles in different journals. 

Initially, he got some small screen time roles in Prithvi theaters and low-budget movies. 

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Rajendra Nath Career

  1. Rajendra Nath appeared in a total of 190+ movies with different roles and screen times.
  2. His first debut movie was Dil Deke Dekho which was released in 1959 where he played the role of a comedian.
  3. He got signed with another upcoming film after producers noticed his skills in 1960
  4. In 1961 his hard work and performances were seen in the movie Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai
  5. In 1963 Phir won Dil as a comedy role again.

Rajkumar in 1963, Mere Sanam in 1965 along with many other movies were released every year and this is how he took place in people’s hearts and a huge fan base in the Hindi cinematic industry.

His comedy roles became most popular in the movies he appeared in and he also played lead characters.

Rajendra Nath died due to cardiac arrest on 13 February 2008 in Mumbai Maharashtra at the age of 76.

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Rajendra Nath  More Information  

Rajendra Nath was a great friend of Dharmendra and worked in many movies as a supporting actor. He was best known for his skills of comedy and laughter and even 14 years passed and people still watch his movies.

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