PVR Cinemas: Company History, Profile, Revenue, Vision & mission of PVR INOX

PVR Cinemas

PVR Cinemas: PVR Cinemas is well-known for its picture and sound quality, and it offers a premium experience to its customers. They were the forefathers of multiplex cinemas in India, commencing with the establishment of PVR Anupam in Delhi.

In terms of screen count, the company emerges as the market leader. In the country, there are around 846 PVR displays. They provide them with exceptional cinematic experiences. PVR Cinemas has 71 locations in India and Sri Lanka, with a combined seating capacity of around 1.82 lakh.

PVR Cinemas- Founder

Ajay Bijli established PVR Cinemas. He is also the company’s chairman and managing director. He received his B.Com from Hindu College and then began to manage the family business. Then, in 1995, he co-founded PVR Cinemas with an Australian business. In 1997, PVR Cinemas launched full-scale operations. Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Ajay Bijli’s brother, is the company’s co-managing director.

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PVR Cinemas- Start-up

The first PVRs appeared in the late 1970s. Since 1978, Ajay Bijli’s (founder of PVR Cinemas) father owned both Priya Cinemas and a transportation firm. In 1988, when Ajay Bijli took over the family firm, he reconstructed it and made it profitable. In 1994, however, a huge fire in the transportation industry damaged their finances. He was obliged to choose between reorganising the transportation industry and expanding the Priya Cinemas, and he opted for the latter.

In 1995, he formed Priya Village Roadshow (PVR) Cinemas as a joint venture between his Priya Cinemas and an Australian company called Village Roadshow. In Delhi, they were the first to introduce the concept of a multiplex to India with its PVR Anupam. In June 1997, the company was officially established.

Vision and mission

PVR Cinemas’ objective is to provide patrons with the finest possible cinematic experience. They desired to be available to audiences everywhere and at all times. The company’s mission is to be India’s most preferred and prestigious entertainment provider. PVR wants to provide its clients with superior cinematic experiences.

Logo and name

PVR is formed from Ajay Bijli’s family business, Priya Cinemas, and the Australian company, Village Roadshow. After joining forces to build a multiplex entertainment firm, the name was created. The logo is composed of the letters “PVR” printed in yellow against a black backdrop. The main logo features the word “Cinemas” at the bottom, but the logo for the production firm contains the word “Pictures.”

Business model

The primary focus of PVR Cinemas is the exhibition of motion pictures. In India, they are also involved in the production and distribution of films. Other businesses of PVR include advertising in theatres, the provision of food and beverages, and ticket sales.

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The company manufactures and sells gourmet popcorn, a popular snack sold by PVR in their movie theatres, on various airlines, and even on Indian railways. This gourmet popcorn can also be purchased via other e-commerce websites. V Pristine is a PVR programme that provides residential cleaning services.

Revenue model

The majority of PVR Cinemas’ revenue comes from the sale of movie tickets. They generate approximately 46 percent of their earnings from box office receipts. The company’s second-largest revenue source is food and beverage sales, which account for approximately 29 percent of profits. The remaining 15% of revenue is generated through advertising, movie distribution, and other other operations.

Funding and investors

Early in 2021, PVR Ltd. raised 800 crores through Qualified Institutional Placements (QIP). The board further authorised the issuance of NCDs to generate up to 500 billion rupees. PVR Ltd. raised a total of 14.72 billion in five funding rounds, excluding this sum.

Key Points:

  • PVR Cinemas is one of India’s largest movie theatre chains
  • Early in 2021, PVR Ltd. raised 800 crores through Qualified Institutional Placements (QIP).
  • They generate approximately 46 percent of their earnings from box office receipts.