Ajay Bijli: History & Profile – Know PVR INOX Share/ Stock Price

Ajay Bijli: History & Profile

Introduction of Ajay Bijli: Ajay Bijli was born on the 19th of November 1968 in Delhi in a good businessman family. He was born to Krishna Mohan Bijli was an owner and CEO of Transportation and had many Transportation businesses. As a side business, Ajay’s father had bought the private cinema theatre termed Priya Cinema, where Ajay Bijli used to spend most of his time, and he was very fond of TV shows and cinemas. 

Early Life of Ajay Bijli 

Ajay Bijli completed his education at Hindu College Delhi in the field of arts and honors Later from Harvard Business School where he studied Owner Management Program.  After completing his studies, he started working in the private sector there as an employee for some time. 

As time passed Ajay realized that he would not make much money as an employee, so he shifted back to India and started managing his father’s business.  

The career of Ajay Bijli 

When Ajay Bijli got to know about the closed cinema theatre he built and inaugurated it again. Ajay wanted to run and telecast Hollywood movies and shows there but due to the unavailability of the class interior, good quality screen staff, and EMP, Ajay failed to run that theatre as smoothly and perfectly as he thought at that time. A news story about Ajay Bijli struck in 1992 when his father died.

The whole family and business responsibilities and authorities came on Ajay. For some time, his father’s Transportation business also failed due to weak management and manufacturing, and only the business cinema was left with Ajay.

But Ajay never destroyed his ambition and he worked so hard to build the cinema company among the top market theatre and cinema companies.

As a result, in a couple of years, his hard work paid him and big companies like INOX, McDonald’s, and many other companies wanted to open outdoors with his Company, which made a greater profit from Priya cinema than other theatre businesses. 

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Ajay dreamed that he would make Priya Cinema the best Multiplex in the whole world, so he never stopped and collaborated with Australia’s Village Road Show Owner, and this is how Priya Village Road Show Cinema launched as PVR Cinemas. There are 60% shares of Priya Cinema in PVR and 40% of Village Road Show 

They launched their first venture in 1997 as Anupam PVR. This was the first multiplex that was liked by many people because it had 4 screens. 

In 2013 Village Road Show di attached itself to Priya Cinemas but did not make any huge Impact on Ajay Bijli and the company he owned other big businesses and companies like Cinema X, DT Cinema, and many others and became the king of Multiplex. 

Net Worth of Ajay Bijli 

The Net Worth of Ajay Bijli is recorded to be more than 967 crores in 2021.

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