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If you have seen the old episodes of Mahabharatha on television, then no doubt that you will know this talented actor, Praveen Kumar. 

Praveen Kumar Sobti Biography

Praveen Kumar Sobti Introduction: The actor Praveen Kumar Sobti, whom most of them know as only Praveen Kumar, is known to be the one acting in the Mahabharata series in Hindi, with the main role of Bheem in. This was telecasted in 1988. But he is no more as he breathed his last in February 2022, by way of cardiac arrest at the Ashok Vihar residence in Delhi. 

He is a complete nonvegetarian and loves watching movies and traveling a lot. During his childhood, he was very good at sports and would play well at school. Apart from that he would also participate in other inter-school games and competitions and would come in flying colors. 

Being promoted and motivated by his teachers to see his talents in sports, he came on the top list of students for the Commonwealth Games during the year 1966. 


Apart from being an actor, he had a great craze for sports and did well in the hammer and discus throw events. As he was very tall, he got over the edge of other players that were in the game with him. After a lot of struggle and effort, he was the first one from India to receive a gold medal in the 1966 Asian Games. 

During the years 1961 and 1972, he got the luck to be a part of the Summer Olympics twice. It was in 1981 that he got an offer to act in a Bollywood movie and the first one was Raksha. Then he became famous during the 1988 series of Mahabharatha. Later he became a part of many other Hindi and other regional movies. 

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Then in order not to be idle, he entered the political party of AAP, in the year 2013. Then after a year, he shifted his interest to BJP. 

In terms of education, he did his schooling at a government school that was located in Sarhali Kalan, Punjab. 


He had been married in an arranged way and he could spend very little time with his wife before he died. What he only wanted in life was to make his parents proud of his achievements in sports, especially in the hammer and discus throw. He has a son and a daughter. 


As he found that he was excellent in sports, he was awarded the position of Deputy Commandant in the BSF.  He was awarded the Arjuna Award that was given to him by the Government of India during the year 1967. 

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