Mukesh Khanna Biography: Age, Family, Career & Net Worth

Mukesh Khanna Biography

Mukesh Khanna’s Early Years: Mukesh Khanna was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, on June 23, 1958. He is under the sign of Cancer. With his roles as Pitamah and Shaktiman in the Mahabharata, he rose to popularity among Mukesh Khanna fans.

Born in Mumbai on June 23, 1958, Mukesh Khanna is a well-known actor, director, and producer in Indian cinema. His main areas of employment have been in the Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada film industries in South India.

Mukesh Khanna served as the chairman of the Children’s Film Society of India before stepping down from that position in February 2018.

He also served as the chairman of the Children’s Film Society of India before stepping down from that position in February 2018. Additionally, Mukesh founded and served as the director of the entertainment business Bheeshma International.

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His current YouTube channel, Bheeshma International, is home to The Mukesh Khanna Show.

Mukesh Khanna Childhood and Family

Hindu Khatris raised him. He had a sister named Kamal Kapoor and a brother named Ved Khanna, who passed away in 2018. After recuperating from COVID-19, she passed away on May 13, 2021, due to breathing issues.

Mukesh Khanna Personal Life

Mukesh Khanna is best known for his role as Bhishma in the BR Chopra Mahabharata series. On June 23, 1958, Mukesh Khanna was born. He is an accomplished actor. After graduating from the Film and Television Institute of India, Khanna started working in the film industry.

He went to school alongside fellow Indian actresses Shakti Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah. Khanna had roles in several movies during the 1980s, but his most notable performance was Bhisma Pitamah in B. R. Chopra’s acclaimed Mahabharat television series.

The BR Chopra Mahabharat received numerous honors. In 1989, Pankaj Dheer won the Upton Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role for Karna, while Mukesh Khanna got the award for Best Supporting Actor. 

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He played the lead character in Shaktimaan, India’s first superhero series, from 1997 to 2005. Shaktimaan was made by his own production company, Bheeshm International. In the 1990s, kids became fans of the show.

The career of Mukesh Khanna

  • In 1982, Mr. Khanna attended the FTII in Pune for acting instruction.
  • In 1984, he made his acting debut in the well-known Hindi television series Teri Meri Ek Zindagi.
  • He appeared on the show through 1990.
  • Bheeshm Pitamah, one of the most recognizable and influential characters of all time, is how Mukesh Khanna first gained notoriety.
  • Among others, he has worked on the movies Hera Pheri, Barsaat, Tehelka, Raja, and Saudagar.
  • In 1988, he transitioned from the BJP to politics.

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Mukesh Khanna information

  • After going on air, Shaktiman stated that he used to get more than 50k letters a week from his admirers.
  • In addition, he is the owner of four acting schools in Mumbai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Agra.
  • He has decided to avoid playing any unfavorable roles.
  • Additionally, Mukesh Khanna has a science bachelor’s degree.
  • Khanna joined the BJP in 1998 and has participated in several national political campaigns.