Jaya Sharma Biography: ICC Ranking, Age, Wife, Family, Career Info & More Facts

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One of India’s representatives at international competitions is the cricket player Jaya Sharma, born in India but currently resides in the United Kingdom. We will talk about some of the most significant happenings in her professional life that have occurred over the years.

Jaya Sharma

Jaya Sharma’s early life: Jaya Puranprakash Sharma is a cricketer from India who played the position of left-handed batter during her career. She was born on 17th September 1980. She is known for her coaching skills now.

Jaya Sharma career

In addition, Jaya Sharma, who used to be the opening batsman for India, has decided to enter the competition. Her cricketing CV is impressive, as she has played in 77 One-Day Internationals throughout her 25-year career.

In an interview with The Bridge, Sharma discussed her plans for the team while emphasizing the significance of mental toughness, personnel management, and the construction of a pyramid that emphasizes the development of grassroots organizations.

She had been playing on a professional level for the Rajasthan women’s team for the previous three years until my retirement. I served as their captain in addition to being their coach and mentor. She once came across a girl 13 years old who was attending tryouts every year but was never selected for the team.

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She saw that girl and ended up working with her for six months. After that, within a year, that girl had made it into both the U-19 and the senior teams of Rajasthan, and she is now the player who has performed the most consistently for the side.

Jaya Sharma International career

She played for India in one Test match, 77 One-Day Internationals, and one Twenty20 International between 2002 and 2008, including a match in the World Cup in 2005. She was a member of the Delhi, Railways, and Rajasthan domestic cricket teams.

She was the first woman to win the BCCI Player of the Year title, which she did in 2007. Her score of 138 not out against Pakistan in the Women’s Asia Cup in 2005–2006 is currently India’s third highest in Women’s One-Day Internationals.

Jaya Sharma’s personal life

She assumed that right now, with her credentials and expertise in mental conditioning, her ability to handle a dynamic workplace would also come in handy. So she applied for the position of coach, thinking this would be the case.

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She is also positive about the possibility of establishing an environment in which we have a feeder system to hone our talent pool for the national team. She has gained this confidence recently. She holds sports coaching certification from the IIM.

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