Alex Cooper Profile: Birthday, Early Life, Career, Personal Life

Alex Cooper Profile

Alex Cooper Profile: If you don’t recognize the name, you might know her as “Father Cooper” on Instagram, where she has 2.3 million followers and is best known for hosting the record-breaking Call Her Daddy show.

Cooper, who calls himself the “Founding Father,” has led the show in a completely new way since it first came out in 2018. According to marketing materials, her show now has “a modern twist on feminism” in every episode. Originally known for its sexy topics in what was called “female locker-room talk,”

Alex Cooper Profile

Early life and school

Cooper is the youngest of three children. He was born in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Her mother was a counselor and her father was a TV sports director. She went to The Pennington School in Mercer County, New Jersey, and in 2013 came to Boston University to study film and television while playing soccer on the school’s D1 team. 2017 was her last year at the College of Communication.

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Alex Cooper Profile Career

Alex Cooper, an artist from New York City, and Sofia Franklyn, her neighbour, made the podcast Call Her Daddy in 2018. The number of downloads of the show went from 12,000 to 2 million in just two months. Cooper made a deal with Spotify in 2021 that was worth $60 million and would last for three years. The deal has since become more important. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular as a way to question celebrities.

They are also the most popular type of program for relationships and advice. CEO of Spotify Daniel Ek said that Cooper’s show is getting younger women to use the service more, which is why it has recently seen a 27% and 11% increase in monthly active users and income, respectively. Cooper’s shows have been big reasons for the musician’s streaming numbers to go through the roof. Cooper started The Unwell Network in September 2023.

It is a podcast network that works with Megaphone, Spotify’s business tool, to host and share popular podcasts. Alix Earle and Madeline Argy both released their first shows. Earle came in first on The Podcast Charts, and Cooper came in second.

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Alex Cooper Profile: Personal Life

In an interview with W Magazine that came out on April 24, 2023, Cooper revealed that she was going to marry Kaplan.

The radio host said that Kaplan asked her to marry him on March 3 at their Los Angeles home. When the podcaster got home, there were lanterns, music, and a treasure hunt.

“I like, blacked out,” Cooper remembered saying when Kaplan asked her to marry him. “I believe I said yes at first. It seemed very strange.”

The two got engaged after meeting for three years. For most of that time, Cooper kept Kaplan’s name a secret from her fans. She would only call him “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” on her show until April 2023, when she told everyone who he really was.

In August 2023, Cooper talked about her “wedding planning disaster” on Call Her Daddy. She said that the couple had a hard time choosing a place to get married. Their first choices were Utah, London, and Tennessee, but in the end, they decided on a wedding in the tropics.

Cooper said, “I don’t want it to be somewhere where people can watch our wedding in public.” This meant that Hawaii’s public beaches were off the table. “I want it to be somewhere that matters to us.”

She then said that being “present” with Kaplan on the big day is the most important thing to her.