What does a yellow notice mean? Why is it important? International Alerts

What does a yellow notice mean

What does a yellow notice mean: A yellow notice is a warning from the police around the world to help find people who are missing.

It is given out to help find lost people, who are usually minors, or to identify people who can’t do it themselves. Yellow Notices are international calls for help finding people who are missing, whether they are witnesses to a crime, victims of a crime, or just lost.

What does a yellow notice mean?

Police all over the world are warned about a lost person by a yellow notice. It is written for people who have been kidnapped, taken by their parents, or gone missing without a trace.

You can also use the yellow notice to help you find someone who can’t find themselves.

This is a useful tool for police that can help them find a lost person more quickly, especially if they think the person might be taken or travel abroad.

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Why is it important to have a yellow notice?

It brings cases to the attention of people all over the world.

Border officials are told about people who have been abducted or are missing, which makes travel harder.

Countries can ask for and share important details about the investigation.