Dive into the Life of Jesse Spencer’s Wife, Kali Woodruff Carr

Dive into the Life of Jesse Spencer's Wife

Jesse Spencer’s Wife: His role as Billy Kennedy in the Australian soap show Neighbours made him famous in Australia and the UK in the 1990s. Spencer is now 44 years old. The show quickly made the good-looking actor a teen star, and when he left the show in 1999, it broke a lot of hearts. After he left, the Australian actor became better known in the US for his role as Dr. Robert Chase, an intensive care expert and surgeon, on the medical show House, which aired from 2004 to 2012 and starred Hugh Laurie. After that, he kept making waves on TV as Lieutenant Matthew Casey in the fireman drama Chicago Fire, which made him an even bigger brand name in the US.

Season 12 of Chicago Fire will start on NBC on January 17, 2024, with Jesse and his favorite co-stars in charge. Learn about Jesse’s wife, Kali Woodruff Carr, and their life together as the new season of the drama show starts.

Jesse Spencer’s Wife: Who is Jesse’s Wife?

Jesse Spencer and Kali Woodruff Carr, who is now his wife, were together for six years before they got married in 2020. According to The Daily Mail (via The Daily Telegraph), they met at a music event in Chicago in 2014 and hit it off right away.


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They stayed together until Jesse proposed while they were on a week-long hike in the Peruvian Andes. Because Jesse is a study scientist, Kali also lets her avoid Hollywood for a while.

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They got married in secret

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible for Jesse and Kali to get married. However, on June 27, they had a small, private service in Kali’s hometown of Neptune Beach, Florida. Kali’s grandparents also got married on that day 40 years ago, which is why they chose that date for their wedding.

“Despite a spike in COVID, a venue change, a Saharan dust plume, not to mention a torrential thunderstorm, we made it across the line on our wedding day, and I’m a very lucky man,” Jesse told The Daily Telegraph. “What a silver lining to 2020. She’s smart, pretty and way ahead of her years. We’re very happy. She is my port in every storm, and we’re already excited to be moving on to the next phase of our lives.” Aw, we’re not crying — you are!

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Who has Jesse Spencer been with in the past?

Jesse was finally ready to settle down with his bride, but he had been in several relationships that lasted for years. In March 2004, Jesse met Jennifer Morrison, who played his co-star on the show House, at the Vancouver airport. They were both on their way to film the pilot for the show. After that first spark, they started dating four months later. Around Christmas 2006, while they were on vacation in Paris, Jesse proposed. But after seven months, they broke off their engagement. The ex-couple still had to work together on the show because their characters got married and then got separated (eek!).

Jesse also dated the big wave surfer Maya Gabeira from Brazil for three years starting in 2010. After the end of their relationship in 2013, Jesse stopped dating for a while. That is, until he met Kali, a cute research scientist, by chance in 2014. They say the rest is [wedding bells] history!