Victor Banerjee Biography: Age, Movies, Profile, Career & Net Worth

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Victor Banerjee is well-known due to his work in the film industry.  The venerable Victor Banerjee has attained the age of seventy-five years old.

Victor Banerjee

About Victor Banerjee: Victor Banerjee is an Indian and Bangladeshi actor who has had several high-profile parts, including a part in the film “Moner Moto Mon,” he is known professionally under both names. Because of his work in the movie “A Passage to India,” he was considered for a nomination for a BAFTA award in the year 1986.

Victor Banerjee Age, Language 

Victor Banerjee was born on October 15, 1946, in the city of Kolkata, which is located in the state of West Bengal in India. In addition to appearing in Bengali, Hindi, and English-language films, he is well-known for his work in Assamese and Bengali-language television shows.

ParthoSarathi Banerjee performs under the name Victor Banerjee as a stage name. In the world of Indian cinema, he needs no introduction. This individual was a royal family member who traced their lineage back to Chanchal’s Raja Bahadur.

Victor Banerjee childhood

He had a dream since childhood of being a successful actor. It was decided that he should receive a full academic scholarship to attend Trinity College in Dublin.  At the beginning of his career, the Calcutta Light Opera Group contracted him to perform as a lead tenor in their productions. The Desert Song was the first song that they ever composed.

Victor Banerjee’s Early life and career:

Over time, Victor was able to break into the acting world. His first feature film, A Passage to India, made its debut in theaters in 1984. The Western world started to see him in extraordinarily high regard.

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He achieved success on the global stage through a career that included roles in films produced in Hindi, English, Assamese, and Bengali. 

He has appeared in many films directed by well-known filmmakers, such as Mahaprithivi, GhareBaire, Shatranj Je Jhilari, and many others. As a character actor, he has recently been seen in several films produced in Bollywood and several films produced in the United Kingdom.

Throughout the years, Victor Banerjee has been honored with a great deal of praise and honors. In 1986, he was one of the candidates for a BAFTA Award.

The Evening Standard British Film Award and the National Board of Review Award were in his favor. In 1985, he was recognized alongside Loretta Awit and John Travolta during a unique event that took place in the state of Louisiana.

In addition, Victor was considered for the GhareBairey Film Award in the category of Best Supporting Actor. An Indian actor has broken a record by winning a National Award in not one, not two, but all three acting categories.

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At the Houston International Film Festival, held in Texas, his documentary titled “Where No Journey’s End” won the Gold Award. He is undoubtedly one of the most exciting new talents to emerge from Bollywood.

Victor Banerjee’s Personal Life:

His first performances on stage were of The Desert Song and Godspell, with the recently established Bombay Theatre in Kolkata, where he also performed as a tenor soloist. His daughter works as a VFX supervisor in her professional life.

Victor Banerjee’s Education:

He received his schooling at St. Edmund’s School in Shillong, which he attended for many years. His training in the English literary tradition was brought to a successful conclusion at St. Xavier’s College in Calcutta. In addition, the Jadavpur College of Arts and Sciences awarded him a master’s degree in comparative literature.

Victor Banerjee’s Awards and Achievements:

Victor Banerjee has received three awards throughout his career, with the National Award being the most recent of the three to be presented to him in 1993.

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Victor Banerjee’s National Awards:

  • The Splendor of Garhwal and Roopkund was the picture that best exemplifies the exploration and adventure genre.
  • The Best Cinematography Can Be Found Where No Journeys Ever End
  • The prize for “Best Supporting Actor” went to Ghare-Baire.

Victor Banerjee’s Net worth:

His net worth is around $1 Million – $5 Million.

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