‘This is time for peace and brotherhood, strictness required against terrorism’: PM Modi at P20

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PM Modi at P20 presidency

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the summit of Speakers of Parliament and Parliamentary Delegations of G20 countries that this is a unique confluence of different parliamentary traditions from around the world. India’s parliamentary traditions have evolved and strengthened over time. So far, 17 general elections and more than 300 state assembly elections have been held in India.

The use of EVMs has increased transparency and efficiency in the electoral process, now election results are announced within a few hours of counting of votes. 100 crore voters will exercise their franchise in the general elections to be held in India next year.

Prime Minister Modi said, “The presidency of G20 ensured remarkable activities in India throughout the year, India’s success in landing on the lunar surface further increased the celebration. I invite all P20 representatives to visit India to witness the general elections next year.”

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Amid the war between Israel and Hamas, PM Modi said that this is the time for peace and brotherhood, the time to move together. “It’s time to move forward together. This is the time for everyone’s development and welfare. We have to overcome the crisis of global trust and move forward on human-centric thinking. We have to look at the world in the spirit of One Earth, One Family, One Future,” he added.

Referring to the attack on Parliament House about 20 years ago, PM Modi said that India is facing terrorism from across the border, in which thousands of innocent people have lost their lives. The conflicts that the world is facing today will not benefit anyone. A divided world cannot find any solutions to the challenges facing humanity. The whole world is now realizing how big a challenge terrorism is. He said that terrorism is against humanity.

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