‘Indian players will perform better in the next Asian Games’: PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed confidence that India will perform better than the Hangzhou Games in the next Asian Games and told participants that all possible support would be provided in their quest for greater success on Tuesday. Indian players gave their best-ever performance in the history of continental games, winning 107 medals including 28 gold and the country stood fourth in the medal table.

Along with congratulating them, Modi noted that the women’s athletes had played exceptionally well and had taken home half of the 660-member contingent’s gold haul. The next Asian Games will be held in Japan in 2026.

Modi said, “The players tried to perform their best. There was never any dearth of talent in India. The desire to win was always there. They used to perform well earlier also but there were many obstacles in the way. But after 2014, Indian players are getting the best training, facilities and competitions abroad.”

“The medal winners have opened ‘new paths’ that will inspire the ‘new generation’. The success at the Asian Games is encouraging for the future of sports in the nation. “We won medals in every competition in which we participated,” he added.

Modi stated that the expanding breadth is encouraging for India. they have created fresh avenues for inspiration for the coming generation. The Paris Olympics, which would take place the following year, will likewise draw fresh inspiration from this feat.

PM Modi stated that our women have performed brilliantly. They have exemplified the resilience of women throughout the nation. Women took home half of the medals from the Asian Games.

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