Terrorism Attack: Types of Terrorism, Safety Tips – Before, During, & After

Terrorism Attack Types

Introduction of Terrorism Attack: Terrorism means a systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby put pressure on attaining political objectives. Terrorism is considered when there is the use of arms, exclusives for a lethal substance that can cause damage to cheat comment live property, etc.

Terrorism can also be defined as the detention of any person or pressuring the person to kill or hurt the citizens to force the government to fulfill their political motive.

Types of Terrorism Attack

1. Terrorism by External State

In this type of terrorism, the state supports non-violent actors or terrorists who do terrorism. This type was invasive at the time of 1966 to the 1970s. Today also many countries use terrorism to attain power. E.g. Pakistan terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

2. Terrorism by Nonstate

In this type of terrorism, there is the involvement of an organization that wants to team their political motives at the National or international level. For example-Naxalites. The 26/11 Attack is an example of it.

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3. Terrorism through Ideology

Some group of a terrorists through the ideologies and writings of Mark in Jewels Lenin and mouth leftist ideology believes that all the existing social relationships and social structures are exploited in character and there is a need for revolutionary change for a better society. For example in India and Nepal.

4. Religious Terrorism

In this type of terrorism, particular groups were motivated by religious fundamentalism. Religion became the root cause of terrorism. For Example- the Taliban in Afghanistan

4. Historical factors of Terrorist Attacks

Some terrorist attacks result from a horrible history or a distorted past. For example- the Kashmir issue is the result of an instrument session by India Pakistan and Kashmir separatists.

Religion Some terrorist attacks are due to tare he religious fundamentalism where they want to expand their relearn with the help of terrorism.  For eg. Demand for Khalistan in Punjab and Babri masjid demolition.

Ethnicity Some terrorist groups are influenced because of their ethnic group, and they feel different because of their different culture and religious language. For Example- Insurance in the Northeast due to ethnicity.

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Political terrace groups are working to achieve their political motive and pressure the local citizens of the country. For example, the Mizo insurgency in northeast

Methods of terrorist attack

  • Environmental terrorism
  • Chemical weapons
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Biological weapons
  • Weapons of mass destruction
  • Cyber terrorism