Tata Sky History & Overview-Best DTH (Direct To Home) Service Provider in India

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The motto “Isko laga daala toh life jhinga la la” of Tata Sky became the household tune by reaching out to their millions of customers.


About Tata Sky: In India, television broadcasting began on September 15, 1959, with an experiment of telecasting TV signals from Delhi using a small transmitter and a makeshift studio. Sooner, regular broadcasts began in 1965 as part of All India Radio (AIR).

And eventually, in 1972, the television service went to Bombay (now Mumbai) and then Amritsar. Digital TV helped the  DTH service provider an edge for a better experience with amazing display and superb sound.

Tatra Ask Start

India’s DTH (Direct-to-home) services came into the foundation in 1996. It was when Rupert Murdoch’s Indian Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) was about to launch its DTH services in India in 1997. But the Government of India disapproved of the same.

It was only after deliberations among ministerial groups that the DTH services got approved in November 2000. Dish TV, as we know it today, launched the first DTH service in India on October 2, 2003. Zee holds power and ownership of this service.

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Tata Plus Introduction 

In 2004, Tata Sky was formed as a joint venture between the Tata Group and Star India’s parent company. The motive was to target metros and large cities to lure customers away from the cable by providing better pictures, audio quality, and a broader selection of channels.

Tata Play (Older Tata Sky) is an Indian broadcast satellite (DTH). One of the largest DTH service providers in the country, it was founded in 2004 and currently provides 601 channels, 99 HD channels, 495 SD channels, and many other value-added services. Tata Play served 2.2 Cr subscribers, accounting for 33.37 percent of total DTH customers in India.

Tata Play DTH
Tata Play Direct To Home Service Provider

Tata Play is the first among many to launch Direct to Home, customized channel packs, and a slew of products and services that helped invent its subscribers’ new ways of content consumption and viewing experiences. 

Tata Sky and OTT

The DTH connection combines a plethora of OTT Apps with fresh content daily. With solid marketing strategies, they launched many new experiences for their customers, including value-added services.

Tata Play now offers Tata Play Binge+. It brings the TV channels and the OTT content to one device without switching between the ports.

The value-added services are available to all viewers – from toddlers to seniors – whether a student is preparing for JEE & NEET, a parent is looking for fun-based learning for your child, or a senior citizen is looking for health tips.

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Thus, the bang-on marketing strategy to sense the pulse of its customers at every step helped Tata Sky become the largest DTH service provider in India.

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