Snowman Logistics Company History, Profile & Overview – Share / Stock Price

Snowman Logistics Ltd Profile

Snowman Logistics: According to the definition of logistics, logistics means transporting goods by adequately storing and transferring them from one point to another.

It aims to be at par with the customer’s requirements within a stipulated time frame by offering competitive prices. 

Initially, logistics was necessary for moving military personnel, equipment, and goods. But nowadays, this term is also typically used in the context of transporting commercial goods as well.

Several businesses deal in logistics, providing the service to manufacturers, retailers, and many other sectors of the economy where goods transportation has a growing market.

The logistics industry has boosted online market sales by supporting all the retail industry requirements by fulfilling on-time deliveries and using the vehicles per the product specifications.

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Snowman logistics introduction

Snowman Logistics Limited is one of the leading temperature-controlled logistics service providers today. It is the country’s leading integrated temperature-controlled logistics service provider, specializing in warehousing, distribution, and other value-added services.

They have temperature-controlled warehousing facilities in prime locations such as Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru, combined with an integrated distribution solution to ensure product quality and temperature integrity of the customers’ products from the point of origin to the center of consumption.

Snowman Logistics Services

Their transportation services include door-to-door service, customized milk runs, and cargo amalgamation, delivering supplies to retail outlets, restaurants, and hotels.

They also offer warehousing solutions and services at various temperatures ranging from ambient to chilled to frozen, including blast-freezing at strategic locations in India.

The company’s main strength lies in its vehicles equipped with GPS and data logging systems.

This technology provides the customers with real-time updates while in transit and ensures uncompromised product-specified temperatures.

Apart from this, the company’s warehouses also have industrial certifications for smooth, hassle-free functioning.

Snowman Logistics’ other services include container kitting, labeling, sorting, stuffing and de-stuffing, repacking, and bulk breaking, along with sorting, grading, packing, and washing fresh fruits and vegetables.

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In central temperature-controlled warehouses, the blast-freezer installation allows faster temperature reduction by freezing the products at the temperature of -40°C.

Snowman Logistics share price

As of July 2022, the average Snowman Logistics share price is Rs. 30.55; with the highest being Rs. 30.95 and the lowest being Rs. 30.40.

Snowman Logistics Share Price
Snowman Logistics Share Price Forecast

Snowman Logistics in News.

Although COVID has impacted almost all businesses, some enterprises have helped during these difficulties easily by supporting other companies. And of them is Snowman Logistics Limited. The company has seen significant growth, especially from 2021-22. 

By utilizing these elements, Snowman Logistics keeps its development and marketing strategy focused on dedicated warehousing in dry and frozen segments.

Thus, companies and businesses are taking full advantage of technological advancement and innovative techniques to mark their presence in the market.

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Logistics is of utmost importance in business, crucial for its growth and sustenance. Snowman Logistics Limited is paving the way to show how you can stay in the competition by keeping up with the trends.