Sunil Dutt Biography: Early Life, Education, Career, Net Worth & Movies List

Sunil Dutt Profile

Sunil Dutt’s Early Life: India’s best-known Bollywood actor and producer, Sunil Dutt (born Balraj Dutt; June 6, 1929–May 25, 2005), better known by his stage name, Sunil Dutt, was born Balraj Dutt.

As Minister of Youth and Sports under the Manmohan Singh administration, he (2004–2005). He had previously served as Mumbai’s sheriff. Sanjay Dutt, an actor, and Priya Dutt, a politician, are named after him.

Sunil Dutt’s career and films

When Dutt was hosting the show Lipton Ki Mehfil on Radio Ceylon, director Ramesh Saigal played a crucial role in providing him a chance in the film Railway Platform (1955). He met director Saigal while covering the 1953 Dilip Kumar film Shikas, and after being struck by his attitude and voice, Saigal offered him a role in his next movie.

Actor Balraj Dutt’s original name was Balraj, but Saigal came up with “Sunil Dutt” to avoid a name problem with Balraj Sahni, a veteran actor at the time.

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As Nargis’s short-tempered, angry kid in the 1957 film Mother India, Dutt rose to popularity. A fire broke out on the set of this movie during filming.

To win Nargis’ love, legend has it that Dutt faced the raging flames to save her life. In 1958, they were united in marriage. Sanjay Dutt, a prominent film actor, and his two daughters, Priya and Namrata, were born due to their marriage.

Kumar Gaurav, the son of Rajendra Kumar, was Namrata’s husband. Mother India was a co-starring role for both fathers.

Sunil Dutt’s death

On May 25, 2005, two weeks before his 76th birthday, Dutt died of a heart attack at his Bandra, West Mumbai, home. With Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Union Government, he served as the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports and was a Member of Parliament from North-West Mumbai.

At Santacruz Crematorium in Mumbai, he was laid to rest with full state honors. Mani Shankar Aiyar took over as Minister after him. It was his daughter, Priya Dutt, who ran for and won his seat in Parliament, and she served until May 2014 as a Member of Parliament.

Sunil Dutt’s early and Personal life

Sunil Dutt was a significant hit on the Hindi service of Radio Ceylon, the oldest radio station in South Asia, as a result of his fluency in Urdu. In 1955’s Railway Platform, he made his debut in the Hindi cinema industry.

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 Sunil Dutt’s Favourite Things and more.

The Indian government bestowed the Padma Shri on him in 1968. For the next five years, he served in the Indian Parliament as a member of the Indian National Congress party from the Mumbai North West seat.