Sujit Kumar Biography: Age, Height, Achievements, Family, Movies and Career

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Sujit Kumar was indeed an Indian actor and producer who flourished from 7 February 1934 through 5 February 2010. From either the 1960s through the 1980s, he featured prominently in over 150 Hindi films .

Sujit Kumar

Sujit Kumar Personal life: He devoted upwards of four decades serving as an artist in Hindi-language movies, and he’s primarily known for his appearances in Compound is a Chemical (1969), Ittefaq (1969), and Dharam Veer (1969). (1977). He is well enough as a filmmaker for the flicks Anubhav (1986), Asmaan Se Ooncha (1989), as well as Khel (1992).

Sujit had also been touted as the first Bhojpuri Bollywood sensation. On February 5, 2010, Sujit died unexpectedly in Mumbai, India.

Sujit Kumar Hindi movies

In Hindi mysteries of the early 1960s, also including Lal Bangla (1966) and Ek Saal Pehle, Sujit portrayed the character (1965). In classics like Aradhana,  film Ittefaq, movie Aan Milo Sajna,  famous Haathi Mere Saathi, love fantasy Amar Prem, tragedy Mere Jeevan Saathi, film Roti, Mehbooba, movie Avtaar,  film Aakhir Kyon?, and Amrit, Rajesh Khanna generally played the lead role.

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A mole in Ramanand Sagar’s directed Aankein (1968), movie Naya Raasta (1970), famous Jugnu (1973), Hamrahi (1974), film Charas (1976), famous Dharamveer (1977), Dev Anand’s Des Pardes, majestic The Burning Train, Kaamchor, Krantiveer, Tiranga, and most other notable cinema are just some of about his other prominent roles.

In the 1980s, Sujit fell into income films like Asmaan Se Ooncha (1989) and later, elevated films like Daraar (1996) and Champion.

Sujit Kumar Bhojpuri movies

He appeared in several movies, including Bidesiya, Loha Singh, Dangal, Pan Khaye Saiyya Hamar, Champa Chameli, Patoh Bitiya, Sajan Kare Kanyadan, Bairi Bhaile Hamar, Nag Panchami, Saiyya Se Bhaile Milanawa, Aaeel Basant Bahar, Bidhana Nach Nachawe, Mai Ke Lal, Sampurna Te.

Sujit kumar Trivia

Son In the 1990s, Jatin Kumar planned to make his acting debut. Instead, he made the decision to become a producer, and he is well-known for being a co-producer of the movie Aetbaar (2004).

Henna Nathani, the daughter of P.R. and Vidya Balan, is a well-known film editor (2017).

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Co-producer of the movies Khel (1989), Asmaan Se Ooncha (1989), and his spouse Kiran Singh is well known (1992).

produced the 1986 film Anubhav by using his birth name (S.A. Singh).

The movie Naya Saazish was directed by K.K. Shukla and starred the popular Sujit Kumar. The movie was shelved.