Shawn Johnson Delights Fans with First Photos of Newborn No. 3

_Shawn Johnson Delights Fans with First Photos of Newborn

Shawn Johnson Delights Fans with First Photos of Newborn: Shawn Johnson East is letting everyone know about her baby. The former Olympic dancer and her husband Andrew East announced that they were having their third child together the next day. Johnson East then shared the first pictures of her new baby and hinted at what the name might be.

Shawn Johnson Delights Fans with First Photos of Newborn

Shawn Johnson posted a bunch of black-and-white pictures of baby No. 3 on Instagram on Friday. The four-time Olympic winner hasn’t said what the baby’s name or sex is, but it looks like she may have dropped a bear-y, cute hint in the text, which had the baby’s date of birth and a bear emoji in quotes.


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There is a close-up of baby No. 3 in one of the black-and-white shots she posted on Instagram on December 15. There is also a picture of the child with siblings Drew, 4, and Jett, 2.

Additionally, there is a cute picture of Johnson East holding her child close. The ex-NFL star can also be seen hugging his child close and putting their faces together.

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The mother of three children put her newborn’s new Instagram account0, @thirdbabyeast, in the picture.

The pictures of the family were taken by @GabrielleHopkins, who she also tagged.

Shawn put pictures of the baby wrapped in a brown blanket and hat on her Instagram Story account. In another picture, the baby is resting on mom’s arms. What’s the big clue? There are two blue heart emojis at the bottom of that picture.

Their December 14 FamilyMade email said that Johnson East and East had welcomed their third “sweet little bundle of joy,” but they didn’t want to say the baby’s name yet.

“For the first few days, we’re soaking it in as a family but we promise to share all of that very soon, including lots of pics!” Johnson East said in the newsletter, adding, “Well, as good as one can feel after giving birth haha,” she wrote. “Our baby is healthy and that’s all we can ask for! Recovery is always a process and I’ve learned to be really patient with my body. Not trying to rush anything and really just going to soak it all in.”

In her newsletter, Johnson East also shared that her two kids had “been so gentle with the baby and I know they’re glad the wait is over, especially Drew.”

Many people were interested in learning more about baby No. 3. One fan, @scottiebri_, wrote, “Wait does that mean it’s a boy and you named him Teddy?????” Or am I putting too much thought into this?” also a lot of other people congratulate them.

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