Rossari Biotech: Company History & Profile | Share/Stock Price

Rossari Biotech Limited

Rossari Biotech: Rossary Biotech, based on fiscal 2019 sales, is one of India’s largest textile and specialty chemical companies, with a decade of innovative, agile, and rapid growth. We provide bespoke solutions to our clients’ industrial and manufacturing demands through our extensive product selection.

Using their textile experience, they have successfully expanded into the animal health and nutrition, home, personal care, and performance chemicals sectors.  

Rossari Biotech-History

Rossari Labtech was founded in 2003 by Mr. Edward Walter Menezes and Mr. Sunil Srinivasan Chari, both professional technocrats with over 45 years of combined expertise in the specialty chemicals field.

It was renamed Rossari Biotech Limited and became a corporation in 2009. They have prioritised providing cost- and time-effective customised solutions to our customers from our inception.

Theu believes that their success is the result of decades of consistent efforts in all aspects of our business, such as product innovation, process improvements for our customers’ production cycles, agile customised solutions, our sustainable eco-friendly product portfolio, and increased operational scale.

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Our Key Management Personnel have led their business operations with a combined 80 years of experience in the specialty chemicals industry. Rossari is a well-known name in the Indian specialty chemicals industry, where it is currently a pioneering force.


Home & personal care and performance chemical

Rossari offers a vast array of ingredients for use in home and personal care formulations, particularly in the laundry and cleaning markets. While the majority of the products serve to the B2B market, this section focuses on consumer-facing items.

As performance enhancers, they greatly contribute to the enjoyment and utility of the product. Since these items are eco-friendly, they align perfectly with our consumers’ sustainability goals.

Rossari Biotech-Textile Specialty Chemicals 

Rossari Biotech is a leader in the development of alternative green goods that enable the sustainable manufacturing of textiles in an industry that is increasingly looking to promote sustainable manufacturing and processing. In addition to enzymes and products for pre-treatment, dying printing, and finishing, we also provide specialty chemicals.

The division utilizes its R&D and innovation to create and market a vast array of products with additional value. Our quick expansion has allowed us to become the largest textile company in India, and we are currently in the process of expanding to other textile hubs across the world.

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Rossari Biotech- Animal Health & Nutrition

The poultry and companion animal (pets) sectors of the corporation are two of the fastest-growing categories in the Animal Health Care and Nutrition industry.

They are a major player in enzyme formulation for the poultry industry, as well as the largest B2B manufacturer of veterinary products in the animal health feed supplements and additives sector, and they serve several major worldwide and Indian firms.

During the period under consideration, they acquired Lozalo International, a well-known Indian manufacturer of pet-care goods.