Ramesh Mehta Biography: Early Life, Education, Wife, Family & Career

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Ramesh Mehta was an Associate in Nursing Indian actor, comedian, and author. he’s thought of to be the “Charlie Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin of Gujarat”. He has acted in plays and over a hundred ninety Gujarati Films.

Ramesh Mehta Biography

Ramesh Mehta Introduction: Ramesh Mehta was born in Navagam, a village close to Gondal (now in Gujarat, India), Girdharlal, and Muktabahen. He was influenced by his father’s interest in literature and wanted to write and perform in drama plays.

Once he was six, he acted in a play created by a drama company close to his home. whereas in class, he wrote dialogue for dramas mistreatment quotes from Indic Puranas, English plays, and classic Gujarati books. Once he was seventeen, he married Vijayagauri, a foreign relative of Gujarati author Amrut Ghayal.

Ramesh Mehta Early Life

In 1955, he joined the drama company of Irani Sheth. He later accepted a government job for a better regular payment however found it unsuitable. He then left the task and worked as a pressman before he affected to metropolis. With the assistance of Mansukh Joshi, he joined the Indian National Theatre, a drama institute, with a monthly regular payment of a hundred rupees. He wrote 2 plays, Soodi vachche Sopari and Hu Eno volt-ampere Chhu.

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These plays caught the eye of Kalpana Diwan, a Gujarati historian and producer. She secures him for 6 years. In 1969, he wrote many scenes for the Gujarati film Hasta Milap once its author Chaturbhuj Doshi, WHO was sick, was affected and created him an author. He plays a supporting role in this film.

Ramesh Mehta Career
He was a comedian in Ravindra Dave’s film Jesal Toral (1971) once their actor-comedian Krishnakant had to drop out because of an Associate in Nursing accident. He succeeded in the comedian role and acted in more than a hundred ninety films. He wrote scripts for twenty-two films, some not attributable.

He became a made actor and was attributable as Siti-Samtrat (The Whistle King) in his picture show tissue layer switch as film-goers wont to whistle once his name appeared within the credits.

His comic twin with Rajanibala and later with Manjari Desai became well-liked. Manjari Desai died in an Associate in Nursing accident during which Ramesh Mehta survived.

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Ramesh Mehta Family Background

Ramesh Mehta was born in Navagam village of Saurashtra to Girdharlal Bhim JI Mehta, WHO was concerned within the property business. He was married to Vijayan. He died on eleven might 2012 at his residence in Rajkot.

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