PM Modi and Bill Gates Chat About AI and Deepfakes In Chat

According to PM Modi, an untrained person can misuse such a powerful technology if it is placed in their hands without proper training.

PM Modi and Bill Gates Chat About AI and Deepfakes In Chat

PM Modi and Bill Gates Chat About AI and Deepfakes In Chat: As he discussed the future of artificial intelligence with Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates on Friday, Modi cited the challenges of artificial intelligence.

While discussing AI, Gates said that one was “surprised at how good it is and surprised at how bad it is”.

“It will do things you think are hard and then will fail to do some things you feel are easy. I started my trip from Hyderabad which was a nice occasion because Microsoft is celebrating 25 years in the country and that has been such a fantastic experience. So I was challenging the team there that we have to make the accuracy better. For now, AI is a co-pilot that helps suggest things but the final decision about medicines, about writing letters etc rests with us. It seems AI is a huge opportunity but there are several challenges that come with that,” he said, posing a question to the prime minister: “How do you think India will approach that?”

According to PM Modi, an untrained person can misuse such a powerful technology if it is placed in their hands without proper training.

He added: “I have engaged with leading minds in AI. I suggested that we should start with a clear watermark on AI-generated content to prevent misinformation. This isn’t to devalue AI creations but to recognise them for what they are. In a vast democratic country like India, anyone can misuse deepfake technology… For example, if they misuse my voice… initially people will believe it, leading to widespread uproar.

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“It’s crucial to acknowledge that deepfake is AI-generated and mention its source. These measures are really important, especially in the initial days. We need to establish some do’s and don’ts. Moreover, one should first engage AI within a field of expertise. Simply using it because one is tired or over-utilising it is not the best approach. My failure to make decisions would result in merely entertaining myself with the technology rather than using it for meaningful value addition.”

PM Modi and Bill Gates
PM Modi and Bill Gates [Credit: MoneyControl]
PM Modi has previously brought attention to deepfakes. At a BJP Diwali event last year, PM Modi revealed he had asked the ChatGpt team to flag deepfakes.

The Prime Minister illustrated his point by citing a deepfake video of him doing Garba, a festival dance of Gujarat that is popular across the country. “I recently saw a video in which I was seen playing Garba. I have not done Garba since school,” he shared.

“There are many other such videos online,” said PM Modi, addressing journalists at the Diwali Milan programme at the BJP headquarters in Delhi. The Prime Minister also urged the media to educate people on such fake videos.

“During the times of Artificial Intelligence, it is important that technology should be used responsibly,” he cautioned.

Prime Minister Modi warned against the reckless deployment of artificial intelligence, cautioning against viewing it merely as a “magic tool” that could cause grave injustices if misused.

During a discussion on Artificial Intelligence, the prime minister joked that now when a child is born in India, he says both ‘AI’ and ‘aai’.

“If AI is used as a magic tool, it may lead to grave injustice. If AI is abused out of laziness…it is the wrong path,” Modi said as he argued for human-AI competition.

Gates echoed Modi’s sentiments, characterizing the current stage of AI development as “early days” fraught with opportunities and challenges.

Meanwhile, praising India’s quick adoption of AI across fields, Gates said: “I think the key point is that the digital infrastructure keeps getting richer. Almost everyone knows about the identity system and the payment system… But as you move into the different areas for farmers, such as registering their lands, tutoring children, and health records, it’s more of a second phase. “We are now in the middle of a third phase where advances in artificial intelligence will add even more value to that.”

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