Piaggio’s ‘Kilo’: The AI-Powered Factory Robot Revolutionizing Italian Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

Piaggio's 'Kilo'

Piaggio’s ‘Kilo’: Piaggio introduced Kilo, an AI-powered robot. It will help the firm enhance its manufacturing procedures. AI-enabled robots can move and carry up to 130 kg independently. It took its new robot to Modex to showcase it. The company is well-known for manufacturing bicycles and mopeds.

People who work at Moto Guzzi in Italy will be the first to test it. All three of these countries will receive more. Piaggio Fast Forward made it. PFF, a Piaggio Group company, is based in Boston.

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The robot’s sensors and 4D radar pictures allow it to follow persons even in complex environments. It may also drive independently over specified routes.

He believed Kilo may help them get more done in circumstances where they had to shift things often. Working on a computer is more convenient and safe for anyone.

“Our robotics technology is augmenting workforces around the world; kiloTM offers customizable options with the ability to utilize state-of-the-art software tools to manage the human-robot relationship,” Lynn said.

You may modify Kilo by adding carts and boxes that are fit for your business.

It also reflects Piaggio’s interest in new ideas and the world around him. Piaggio’s CEO, Michele Colaninno, says that the company is committed to creative ideas, growth, and environmental responsibility.

The Optimus debuts in 2021. It is a humanoid robot that uses artificial intelligence and robotics to work faster.

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