Partner Arrested in Shocking Plot Against Pregnant Woman in Delhi

Partner Arrested in Shocking Plot Against Pregnant Woman

Partner Arrested in Shocking Plot Against Pregnant Woman: A 19-year-old pregnant woman was found badly hurt in Mayur Vihar in east Delhi two days ago. On Saturday, her 21-year-old partner was arrested on suspicion of trying to kill her, police said.

The accused, who was named as Yogesh Dheda, is said to have hurt the woman with a screwdriver, a knife, and stones because he wanted her to have an abortion.

Partner Arrested in Shocking Plot Against Pregnant Woman in Delhi

Police said the woman, who worked at an Ayurveda clinic, was discovered in a pool of blood near the fire company office in Chilla village on Thursday morning.

The person was taken to Lok Nayak Hospital and put on a respirator to help them stay alive, according to the cops. They said she was fighting for her life in a city hospital and had been put on a respirator.

Achin Garg, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (East), said that Dheda, who lived in Chilla village, had left her there because he thought she was dead. Garg said that Dheda was caught on Saturday and then brought to court.

A different police officer said that the victim and Dheda lived in the same area and had known each other for a few years.

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”The duo were in a relationship for the past three years but they had a dispute after the woman informed Dheda that she conceived his child,” the officer said.

The cop said that Dheda was making the woman have an abortion and giving her pills that could cause a miscarriage. The police officer said that Dheda struck the woman on her way home from work on Wednesday night because she wouldn’t give in to his demands.

Garg said the woman met Dheda outside of the New Ashok Nagar Metro station and the two of them walked home together.

The couple went to a park near the Chilla fire department’s office and sat there for a while. While they were there, Dheda tried to convince his partner to have an abortion again. When she refused, he reportedly beat her with a screwdriver and a blade, according to the Additional DCP.

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”He allegedly stabbed her multiple times and slashed her neck with the blade. He also stoned her face with bricks to hide her identity,” another officer said. It appeared that the accused had come to meet the woman with prior planning to eliminate her as he was carrying a screwdriver and a blade, Garg said.

He also said that Dheda ruined the woman’s cell phone and SIM card. He left her where she was and ran away because he thought she was dead.

Tech proof, the couple’s chat history, and CCTV video of the area helped the police focus on Dheda. He was arrested on Saturday, the officer said.

An FIR was filed by the police on Thursday under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with attempts to kill.