Maria Lima Valdez Controversy: Unmasking the Cornell Student Amid Antisemitic Backlash

Maria Lima Valdez Controversy

Maria Lima Valdez Controversy: Cornell University is looking into a disturbing case involving a student named Maria Lima Valdez. She is said to have shared a message on her Instagram story that said “Zionists must die.” This remark was seen as antisemitic, so the university’s officials are looking into it. President Martha Pollack told the students about the current police investigation. She stressed how serious the problem was and how committed the university was to keeping the campus safe and welcoming for everyone.

Maria Lima Valdez Controversy: Unmasking the Cornell Student Amid Antisemitic Backlash

As a freshman at Cornell University, Maria Lima Valdez is working on a double major in Government and Africana Studies, with a minor in Latino/a Studies.

Valdez is politically active in a number of Cornell groups and events. Members of the Cornell Tradition Fellowship, Mexsa, Residential Student Congress, and Cornell Outdoor Education are some of the groups she is a part of. She is also a part of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Society, which shows that she is interested in law.

Valdez is in charge of studies at the Cornell Farmworkers Program that aims to make working conditions better for farmworkers. She helps with visa and worker rights problems and fights for better pay and working conditions. For another job, Valdez worked as a Student Manager and Operations Assistant for Cornell University’s Conferences and Event Services. She also did a job with USAID over the summer, which gave her more training in the areas she was interested in.

Before going to Cornell University, Valdez went to Sunset Park High School. She has been at Cornell since 2021 and will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government in 2025.

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