NetApp Partners with Nvidia to Unleash GenAI-Powered Storage Solutions – A Game-Changer in Tech Innovation

NetApp Partners with Nvidia to Unleash GenAI-Powered Storage Solutions

NetApp Partners with Nvidia to Unleash GenAI-Powered Storage Solutions: The company put out a new feature today that gives users an edge in the market and helps generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) projects reach their full potential. The smart data architecture from NetApp and the fast computing, networking, and software from NVIDIA make this possible. People can now speed up their AI projects.

In 2023, NetApp released a study saying that nearly three quarters of businesses are already utilizing Gen AI to automate dull tasks, uncover new information, and create fresh products. To get the most out of Gen AI, you need to be able to quickly and safely access data that is spread out across complex mixed and multicloud environments. Controlling where data lives is easy with NetApp. It also offers fast speed without adding more infrastructure silos, and it makes sure that data is safe and trusted.

NetApp Partners with Nvidia to Unleash GenAI-Powered Storage Solutions – A Game-Changer in Tech Innovation

Arunkumar Gururajan, Vice President of Data Science and Research at NetApp, said, “NetApp is a company that helps our customers get the most out of their AI investments by giving them smart data infrastructure solutions.” Customers have full control over their data throughout the data pipeline thanks to our unique approach to AI. One way to do this is to make it easy to move data between private and public clouds. No matter what part of the AI process you’re working on, our uniform method gives you the speed, productivity, and security you need to quickly come up with new AI ideas.

NetApp’s intelligent data infrastructure has been updated with the following features to help businesses use Gen AI to make better business and decision-making:

NetApp’s most important AI projects are inferencing and training, which is why NetApp AIPodTM is an AI-optimized integrated infrastructure. For NetApp AIPod, this is an approved NVIDIA DGX BasePOD solution that is run by NVIDIA DGX. When you put together NVIDIA DGX H100 systems and cheap NetApp AFF C-Series flash drives, you get a new level of cost-performance while saving space on your rack and being good to the environment. The NetApp AIPod that is powered by NVIDIA DGX can also be used with NVIDIA DGX A100 sets.

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NetApp and Cisco’s best converged infrastructure choice just got better with the addition of the new FlexPod for AI reference architectures. FlexPod for AI can now work with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform. Now it’s possible to make FlexPod for AI work with RedHat OpenShift and SuSE Rancher. Scaling and benchmarking have been made better to support apps that use GPUs more and more. The platform can be built, set up, and run more quickly with these new FlexPod options.

NetApp storage has been tried out with NVIDIA OVX devices and was found to work. This makes business AI deployments easier, especially when it comes to model fine-tuning and inference workloads.

You can get validated NVIDIA OVX solutions from top server makers. These solutions include NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand or NVIDIA Spectrum-X Ethernet, and NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs with NVIDIA L40S GPUs. NetApp was one of the first partners to sign off on this new storage approval for NVIDIA OVX.

NetApp is not only improving its AI leadership, but it is also bringing ground-breaking new cyber-resilience features, such as the first ransomware prevention system that uses AI and machine learning built into storage. With ONTAP’s new Autonomous Ransomware Protection with AI (ARP/AI), the company will be able to find and stop new, more complex cyber threats more quickly and accurately.

“AI drives mission-critical use cases in all fields, from healthcare to manufacturing to finance,” said NVIDIA’s Senior Director of AI Systems, Tony Paikeday. “NetApp AIPod certified for NVIDIA DGX BasePOD offers a strong base architecture that helps companies get rid of design complexity, shorten deployment times, and make day-to-day operations easier.”

Archana Venkatraman, Research Director, Cloud Data Management, IDC, said, “GenAI has huge potential to help organizations use their data to find business insights and make operations more efficient.” “NetApp has always changed to give customers the services and products they need to manage their data pipelines well.” These updates are more proof that NetApp is ready to change and offer new products to customers that make AI work at its best.

NetApp’s unified approach to infrastructure and data management makes customers’ AI turnkey solutions better by getting rid of data silos, improving speed, and protecting data.

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