Is Gen AI Set to Dominate SEO? Report Suggests a Potential Takeover by 2027 

Is Gen AI Set to Dominate SEO

Is Gen AI Set to Dominate SEO: We keep hearing how generative AI might replace humans, and it seems inevitable that certain aspects of jobs will be taken over by it.

According to a report by IDC, 30% of marketing tasks will be handled by AI, including SEO, data analysis, and hyper-personalization.

Is Gen AI Set to Dominate SEO? Report Suggests a Potential Takeover by 2027

GenAI has already been implemented by 37.8% of chief marketing officers (CMOs). According to 51% of CMOs, their top business objective in the next 12 months is to improve content marketing quality.

Throughout all walks of life, the rise of AI will lead to a massive paradigm shift in the 2020s. 50% of customers will be using AI to find better deals online by 2026, making this cutting edge technology an important consideration for e-commerce.

Leads to purchase conversions can also be boosted by 40% with AI. The fact that this is the case will result in 50% of A500 firms integrating AI into their marketing strategies. There is no doubt that AI will not just replace humans in mundane tasks. As a result, higher degrees of specialization will be attainable across the board with everything considered.

In addition, Jindal added that “Generative AI will enable greater automation of manual tasks such as SEO, content and website optimisation.”

The importance of jumping on the AI bandwagon cannot be overstated, as this technology might end up keeping firms competitive. The decline in paying jobs won’t actually be caused by this, according to some experts.

Contrary to popular belief, marketers will fine-tune their roles and use AI to their advantage. Data analytics will require a human touch in the near future, as AI is not very good at telling stories. Marketers can retain gainful employment as a result of this.

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