Mumbai’s 2BHK Flat Stirs Controversy with 323 Sq Ft

Mumbai’s 2BHK Flat Stirs Controversy with 323 Sq Ft: Mumbai seems to have a reputation for being crowded, which is true in homes, schools, and businesses. Recently, a video of a 2BHK apartment in a tiny 323 sq ft space made people all over the internet laugh out loud. Many people were amazed at how clever and efficient city living can be when two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen can fit into a barely bigger space than a single-car garage.

Mumbai’s 2BHK Flat Stirs Controversy with 323 Sq Ft

It costs a crazy Rs 75 lakhs for a tiny 323 sq ft 2BHK. This flat, which cost a crazy Rs. 75 lakhs and was in a 23-story building in Kandivali East, didn’t live up to expectations, making people on the internet feel both amazed and amused.

In the video, the woman showed how the small space was cleverly turned into a useful apartment by giving viewers a tour of her home. The small kitchen and living room were thought to be fine, but when a double bed was found missing in the master bedroom and none at all in another, internet users laughed out loud. Also, the unusual bathroom layouts added to the fun for people expecting a normal bathroom setting.

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One user on ‘X’ summed it up by saying, “2BHK flat in a 323 sq ft area. 323 sq ft is less than even one-half of a badminton court. This is for 75 lakh. Don’t miss the washrooms and try to find the bathing space in them.” Another user humorously added, “Bathroom toh shuru hote hi khatam ho gaya,” while a third confessed, “I had to replay the washroom part to understand where exactly do I take a bath.”

Many people made fun of them, with one saying, “Their definition of a master bedroom is slightly (very) different… ~300 sq ft is usually the actual size of a ‘master bedroom’ in reality. Mumbai RE is a joke.” Another asked, “Ye Bedroom me Bed lagane ka jagah kidhar h?”

But some people liked the idea of living in small spaces and thought that was the best the makers could do. One person said, “People laughing at this should go to Singapore; such flats are being sold at a million Singaporean dollars,” remarked one user, joined by another who praised, “That’s some serious creativity in space management!”

This story is taken from indiantimes. We will keep you updated for further news.