Mazhar Khan Biography: Early Life, Age, Height, Family Life, Career & Net Worth

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Mazhar Khan was an Indian movie and television show actor. He later produced and directed some movies.  He worked in many movies as an actor and in supporting actor roles. 

Mazhar Khan Biography

Mazhar Khan Early Life: Mazhar Khan was born on 22 July 1955 in Mumbai India. Mazahar Khan married popular actor Dilip Kumar’s niece Rubaina, later they had a son. The relationship between Mazhar and Rubaina didn’t work and they got divorced. 

Mazhar Khan Marriage and Death Mazhar after some time got into a relationship with actress Zeenat Aman to after he get married and had two sons with her. The same problem occurred between Zeenat and Mazhar regarding their relationship and marriage life, this all led to a divorce between Zeenat and Mazhar. 

Mazhar died due to kidney failure in Mumbai India on 16 September 1998.

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Mazhar Khan Career and Popularity 

Mazhar Khan made his debut in Sampark (1979). After Sampark he appeared in another movie Shaan ( 1980) which was directed by Ramesh Sippy. One of the songs of that movie titled Abdul Naam Hai Mera Mazhar got Popularity and recognition.

Due to his popularity producers contacted him and he got more than 35 + movies to work in as a character actor and villain role. Mazhar got a role in the Hollywood movie Terminal Entry (1987) as a lead negative role.

In 1987 he appeared in a television show but that didn’t make much impression on screen. In 1987 Mazhar appeared in the Hollywood mini-series Traffik. Mazhar was a very versatile and multi-talented actor with many skills.

Some of the top movies of his career in which he appeared as a character actor or in other roles are –

  • Sampark (1979)
  • Shaan     (1980)
  • Roohi      (1981)
  • Dard        (1981)
  • Ek Hi Bhool (1981)
  • Aarth        (1982)
  • Kalka       (1983)
  • Wanted    (1984)
  • Ghulami   (1985)
  • Aandhi Toofan      (1985)
  • Rahm Dil Jalalad(1985)
  • Terminal Entry      (1986)
  • Buniyaad  (1987)
  • Ek Naya Rishta    (1988)
  • Ek Number Ka Chor (1990)
  • Angaar      (1992)
  • Gang         (2000)

More Information about Mazhar Khan 

The second last movie in which Mazhar appeared was his last movie in which he appeared as last movie in which he acted.

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He produced and directed another film Gang whose casting and production were done in 1990 but due to some reason movie was released in 2000 after his 2nd death anniversary.

Some news articles and Bollywood magazines also state that his relationship with Zeenat broke due to the clothes she wore during her movie shoots.

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