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About Mahipal: Nazrana Mahipal Chand Bhandari, better known by his first name Mahipal, was a Hindi film actor who appeared in over 100 movies. He was frequently the star of mythological, action, and religious movies. Mahipal, who was born in Jodhpur in 1919, has always been interested in dance, drama, and music.

He joined the Marwari Film Making Company in Jodhpur after graduating from Jaswant College. He performed as the lead actor in the 1942 movie Nazrana (1942).

The movie was a dud. Mahipal soon relocated to Bombay, where he caught the attention of the renowned director V Shantaram. 

Mahipal Early life

Mahipal began producing cinema lyrics by utilising his poetic proclivity and creative tendencies. Additionally, he played supporting roles in movies like Shankar Parvati (1943), Banwasi (1948), and Laxmi Narayan (1951).

In Homi Wadia’s movie Shri Ganesh Mahima, Mahipal received his first significant break (1950).

Mahipal established himself as a hero in the mythical and religious film genres as a result of the box office success of the movie. Additionally, he contributed to fantasy movies like Alladin Aur Jadui Chirag (1952). Mahipal became a sensation after being cast in the 1959 superhit Navrang by director V Shantaram.

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Because some of Mahipal’s films were based on tales from The Arabian Nights, it is also believed that he was a particularly well-liked celebrity in the Gulf region. 

Mahipal Career

Mahipal has participated in a number of musicals, directly challenging the tradition in previous Hindi films that only female characters could dance. However, by the 1970s, the popularity of the mythical and fantasy genres was dwindling as social dramas and films with multiple stars took their place.

Mahipal had to significantly alter his on-screen image and later switched to playing character roles in movies like Do Chehre and Rani Aur Lalpari (1975). (1977).

His final leading role was in the devotional film Jai Santoshi Ma (1975), which broke box office records in Bollywood and is still regarded as one of the biggest successes in Hindi cinema. After a long career as an actor and lyricist, Mahipal passed away from a heart arrest in 2005 at the age of 86.

Mahipal is a 19s Bollywood actor and lyricist who was born in Jodhpur, India, in 1919 (also known as Mahipal Singh or Mahipal Bhandari). 

Mahipal Biography

Mahipal’s contributions to Navrang are primarily recognised (1959). He graduated from Jaswant Government College in Jodhpur after completing his high school education. Mahipal was born in Jodhpur and later migrated to Mumbai after graduating in order to pursue a film career.

Mahipal had two daughters, Shushila Jain and Nirmala Oswal, from his marriage to Akkal Kunwar. His primary credits include stunt work for the movies Parasmani, Cobra Girl, Arabian Nights, Zabak, Aladdin Aur Jadui Chirag, Alibaba, and 40 Thieves, as well as Roop Lekha, Sunehari Nagin, and Jantar Mantar. Sampoorna Ramayan, Jai Santoshi Maa Ganesh Mahima, and Veer Bhimsen are just a few of the Hindu mythological films in which he appeared.

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In several films, he portrayed Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, and Lord Krishna. With Nazrana, Mahipal made his film debut in Hindi (1942). He wrote the lyrics for four films, but Nazrana was a box-office failure. Later, he was cast in several movies and had prominent roles. He appeared in over 130 films in total. His final acting role was in Amar Jyoti (1984).