Jonathan Majors and Allegations of Abuse By his Ex-Girlfriends

Jonathan Majors and Allegations of Abuse By his Ex-Girlfriends

Jonathan Majors and Allegations of Abuse By his Ex-Girlfriends: Jonathan Majors was found guilty of assaulting and harassing his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, less than two months ago. Now, two more of his ex-girlfriends have come forward to publicly accuse him of abuse in a New York Times report that also includes separate claims about his time on Lovecraft Country. Majors and Emma Duncan were engaged from 2015 to 2019. During their relationship, Duncan said Majors abused her feelings, choked her, threw her around, and hurt her.

She said that he had made troubling threats to her during several fights, such as saying he would kill her or make sure she couldn’t have children. Priya Chaudhry, Majors’s lawyer, said that Majors did not hurt Duncan physically or make those threats.

Jonathan Majors and Allegations of Abuse By his Ex-Girlfriends:

It was true that Duncan and Majors “had many serious arguments,” and Chaudhry said that the actor is “choosing to take responsibility for his own part in that toxic relationship, focusing on himself, and addressing his lifelong depression.” Chaudhry also said Duncan hit or slapped Majors several times in the face and head.

Majors dated Maura Hooper from 2013 to 2015 while they were both students at the Yale School of Drama. Hooper said that Majors abused her emotions. Majors is “embarrassed by some of his jealous behavior” during the relationship, Chaudhry said.

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Hooper alleged that Majors threatened to kill himself after she found out he was having an affair. A year after they broke up, she claims that Majors berated her over the phone after finding out about a relationship of hers, allegedly calling her a “whore,” telling her to kill herself, and saying — in an apparent reference to an abortion Hooper had months into their relationship — that he would “rip you out of my heart the way they ripped our baby out of you.” Chaudhry characterized the phone call as a “mutually intense conversation,” adding that Majors “regrets saying hurtful things” but “does not recall the specific things he said.”

The Times report also said that Majors got into fights with women who worked on the HBO show Lovecraft Country, for which he was nominated for an Emmy for his part as Atticus Freeman.

Asst. director says Majors told her to go to a small fake bathroom on set and told her she was “not welcome here.” He is said to have gotten mad when another assistant director told him about a change in the plan. He later “crossed physical boundaries” and “got really up in my face,” she said, making a racist comment about how she looked.

There are “countless” women in the entertainment business who “can attest to his professionalism,” Chaudhry said. He also denied that Majors said anything racist. According to the Times, three women complained, and Majors only apologized after HBO told him to. Chaudhry said that Majors had “never been told that anyone objected to his behavior.”

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