Guru Dutt Biography: Movies, Age, Career, Awards & More Facts

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Vasanth Kumar Shivashankar Padukone is popularly recognized as Guru Dutt, he was an Indian film director, actor, producer, choreographer, and writer.

Guru Dutt Moveis

Guru Dutt Family Background: Guru Dutt was born to a headmaster who later became a bank employee. His mother began as a housewife but later became a teacher in a school, as well as giving tuition and writing stories. She also translated Bengali novels into Kannada. At the tender age of 16, she gave birth to a son, who became known as Guru Dutt.

Guru Dutt education

He did not complete his education, despite having good grades and being a good student. He finished high school, but he could not attend college due to financial difficulties at home.

Guru Dutt  Early age

Guru Dutt’s maternal uncle suggested that he be named Vasanth Kumar. Still, after an accident as a child, he was given the more auspicious name Guru Dutt. 5 siblings with three younger brothers and a younger sister. His only sister’s daughter is film director Kalpana Lajmi.

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Guru Dutt had a difficult childhood. Aside from the financial difficulties, his parents’ relationship was also strained. His maternal uncle was insane, and he gave Guru Dutt a terrifying encounter he would remember for the rest of his life. Guru Dutt also had to deal with the death of his younger brother, who was only seven months old at the time.

Guru Dutt Career 

A. First job in the film industry 

Guru Dutt then worked as an assistant director to Vishram Bedekar in the film ‘Lakhrani,’ in which he also acted. This was in 1945, and the following year, for the guru Dutt film Hum Ek Hain, he was once again the Assistant Director and Choreographer. When his contract expired in 1947, he became a Freelance Assistant at Prabhat Film Company and Studios, thanks to his mother.

B. Journey to Mumbai 

While working as a choreographer for Prabhat Film Company, he soon found himself assisting the director and acting in guru Dutt films. He also met two of his future best friends, Rehman and Dev Anand, who would become big stars. After Prabhat failed in 1947, he moved to Mumbai and worked for the best directors of the time, Gyan Mukherjee and Amiya Chakravarty.

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Guru Dutt  Death

Guru Dutt’s death is still a mystery. His death was caused by a combination of alcohol and sleeping pills. It’s unclear whether the overdose was accidental or a suicide attempt.

If he attempted suicide, it would have been his third attempt. His son, Arun Dutt, believes it was an accident, while Abrar Alvi, who was with him when he died, believes it was a suicide attempt because of his morbid behavior on December 10, 1964.

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