Devika Palshikar Biography: Age, Height, Family, Career & Sports Digest

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Cricketer Devika Palshikar represents India on the international stage. We will discuss some highlights from her professional life. She has competed on both the national and international levels in contests.

Devika Palshikar Biography & Profile

Devika Palshikar’s early life: Cricketer Devika Palshikar was born on June 20, 1979, in Malvan, Maharashtra, India. She currently plays for India in Test and One Day International competitions.

Devika Palshikar career

For Maharashtra and the West Zone in India’s domestic league.

After deciding to pursue a career in coaching, she was hired as India’s assistant coach in 2014 for two years. Additionally, she served as the coach for Assam, Mumbai, and Goa state teams in India.

Since April 11, 2018, Devika has been chosen as an assistant coach for the Bangladesh women’s international cricket team. She is working alongside the national squad head coach, David Capel. She is the current coach of Velocity in the Indian Premier League.

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When former India player Devika Palshikar considers how difficult it is to make the Indian women’s cricket team, she feels overwhelmed. There is a lot of rivalry for spots.

Even the teams are representing the state.

Devika Palshikar International career

On her path to professional success, she has crossed several personal thresholds, but nothing compares to the moment she was given her first professional cricketing opportunity. Devika completed several coaching courses after she retired in 2008. Between 2014 and 2016, she served as an assistant coach for the Indian women’s team. In 2018, she was a part of the Bangladesh women’s team that won the Asian Cup.

“I noticed that the Maharashtra women’s team was practicing for a zonal competition, so I approached the coach and asked if I could play a few balls with the squad. He permitted me to hit the bowling pins all over the ground, and I did. Devika shared that the head coach had requested a meeting with her after 15 days, just before the team was to leave for the competition.

Following the squad’s return to Pune, the coach decided to select Devika. “My first game was for my state team, and we faced off against West Bengal. She stated, “When I look back, it amuses me that there were only a few women players back then and how difficult it has become to get into a team now.” “When I look back, it amuses me that there were only a few women players back then.”

However, she said it would be a major step in the right direction if women were included in the coaching staff of men’s teams in India.

Devika Palshikar Personal Life

When she was younger, she and my brother used to play gully cricket, but she had no idea that women played cricket at the state, national, or international level. She was in the second year of her Bachelor of Commerce program when she first noticed the girl in white clothes carrying a kit over her shoulder.

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Is she interested in seeing the practice? Devika inquired about it, and the woman replied that she had played at the PYC Gymkhana and asked me if she was interested.

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