Pfizer Limited: History, Career, Net Revenue, Share Price & Stock Price

Pfizer India Limited

Introduction of Pfizer: Pfizer was founded in 1849 by two young entrepreneurs Charles Pfizer and Charles F Erhart. These medications are served worldwide Its headquarters is at 235 East 42nd Street New York City, US. More than 80,000 employees work at Pfizer 

History and Career of Pfizer 

In 1849 Cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart launched this company in Brooklyn, New York. In 1868 the company made some good responses by developing its headquarters and increasing the number of employees by building 81 Maiden Lane in Manhattan and shifting its headquarters there.  

In 1882 Pfizer became popular and there were thousands of customers at that time. So, the company owners started manufacturing their offices in different places in NY like in Chicago, Illinois, and an office outside somewhere in New York. In 1900 the company made an authorized capital of $2 million and became a public company from a private company.

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Until 1924 when Pfizer became a 75-year-old company, more than 300 + employees were working with them in their main headquarters only. In 1929, John Anderson became the new chairman of the company.

In the year of 1936, Pfizer became the largest producer of vitamin C by developing it through a fermentation-free method. Later, following its success numerous different types of medicines such as riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, and many more.

In 1941 it became the largest number of miracle drugs. Pfizer started manufacturing and selling products by acquiring Japan Taito in China in 1963. 

In the upcoming 5 years, Pfizer set up multiple offices in different parts of New York and other countries and started manufacturing and distributing various other medicines. Pfizer invested $ 7.1 billion in the research and development of medicine. 

From 2002 to 2007 Pfizer launched tablets kike Caduet, Lyrica, Suzent, Selzentry, and many others which became popular globally. In 2009 the company itself became an owner of Wyeth by delivering and manufacturing a wide range of products and therapies.  

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The company became the owner of 5 + more than other medical institutions in the upcoming year, developed markets in various countries, and became the largest producer of various antibiotics and drugs. 

Net Revenue of Pfizer 

Until 2021 Pfizer made a revenue of $ 81.29 billion with an operating income of $22.46 billion including net income of $ 21.98 billion.