Zeeshan Ali’s Mission to Fuse Friendship with Tennis

Zeeshan Ali's Mission to Fuse Friendship with Tennis

Zeeshan Ali’s Mission to Fuse Friendship with Tennis: India’s Davis Cup captain Zeeshan Ali on Friday tackled several surprising volleys in a press meet – why other Indian teams, including cricket, do not visit Pakistan or rather the more amusing kind about their experience of shopping here in the city. In fact, the Indian Davis Cup outfit has not even stepped out of the team hotel, except for training at the Islamabad Sports Complex courtesy the tight layer of security.

But Zeeshan handled them tactfully – from expressing his hope for going out on a quick trip to the more well-judged answer about the larger purpose behind their visit. “We have not been out anywhere. I am hoping a trip can be arranged,” said Zeeshan, rather surprised to hear the question how it was going out for shopping.

Zeeshan Ali’s Mission to Fuse Friendship with Tennis

But he quickly touched on the bigger picture of India crossing the line for the Davis Cup. If you’re into sports, our coming here will be great for tennis in this area. Our main goal is for more kids to start playing tennis, which will be good for the sport. “Our goal would have been met if we could help spread friendship and tennis in any way,” he said.

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The India leader who didn’t play thanked the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) for their hospitality so far, though it was limited because AITA was worried about security. The best singles player in India, Ramkumar Ramanathan, said the same thing.

We’re sure that people would have been nice to us if we went out, but we can’t. “We’re here to play tennis,” Ramkumar said. On Saturday, he will play Aisam-ul-haq Qureshi in the first doubles match.

This was what Yuki Bhambri agreed with his coworker. “It has been great since day one. Everyone has been generous and helpful.” Zeeshan said he won’t be disappointed even if they can’t go out, saying they are not here for sight-seeing but “to do a job.” “From the time we have landed, Pakistan has been warm to us. The hospitality has been great. We are extremely happy and very comfortable in Pakistan. Obviously, there were concerns (on India coming to Pakistan, that is for people (in the government) to decide whether we go or not. Our job is to play tennis. We got the clearance, so we are here.” It got even stranger for Zeeshan when he was asked if he thought Pakistan was safe since the Indian cricket team had to come here for the 2025 Champions Trophy.

People in the country also asked him why there aren’t bilateral games in all sports. The local reporters were obviously excited to see an Indian team play there, since many of them couldn’t make it to India for the ICC 50-over World Cup last year. A PTF official had to step in and tell the reporters they could only ask questions about the Davis Cup match.

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