Zeel Raincoat: History, Products List, Price & Maintenance

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ZEEL is the top leading brand of high-quality Rainwear that is both stylish and functional.

Zeel Raincoat History

About Zeel: Zeel, India’s leading maker of rainwear goods, was founded in 1995 and had an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Zeel alone has over 300 goods for every age range. This greatest manufacturer’s main goal is to build a powerful Zeel to develop an aura of Rainwear means Zeel.

NZ Seasonal Wear Pvt. Ltd. plans to take the brand global by 2015, to cover 4 to 5 nations. Zeel’s only goal is to become the industry leader in rainwear manufacturing.

NZ Seasonalwear is an ISO9001:2008 accredited firm founded in 2009 and supported by an industry-experienced workforce. Numerous attempts and strict quality standards led to the organization’s growth to become the leading maker of Rainwear in the Indian market.

The organization is prepared with both man and machine to meet ever-increasing global requirements and has consistently shown worldwide competitiveness.

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The firm has established high-quality standards and assures them through a highly qualified Quality assurance staff and a well-equipped in-house laboratory equipped with devices for monitoring the Quality criteria.

Products Of Zeel

To meet the ever-increasing market demands, the firm has introduced new product lines such as waterproof fleece fabrics, stitchless jackets, and ponchos made of PEVA, PVC, and non-woven laminated materials.

Zeel, the group’s main brand, is the most sought-after brand in the Indian retail industry category. Zeel’s presence spans the length and breadth of India via a strong distributor and dealer network.

With a growing list of renowned names with whom they have collaborated, such as Mahco (USA), Lipner (Japan), McMcDonald, Coca-Cola, and others, they are looking forward to exploring new frontiers with the promise of Quality and Excellence.

Waterproof Zeel Raincoat 

Zeel rainsuits are completely waterproof. The textiles used in Zeel rainwear keep you dry even in severe rain. Almost all Zeel items are seam sealed and taped, guaranteeing complete water resistance.

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Zeel rainwear has buttons, a zipper, and a flap over the zipper to prevent water from seeping through. A few Zeel models also include adjustable cuffs and pockets with buttons.

Zeel Raincoat Maintenance

Each Raincoat created by Zeel Rainwear comes with an attached wash care label with detailed instructions for keeping your Raincoat; thus, always follow the wash care instructions to preserve the durability of your Rainwear.

Furthermore, you should never bleach or iron your Raincoat; if it gets dirty, simply wipe it off with a wet towel.

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