X will soon have features like dating app, YouTube, LinkedIn and more: Elon Musk

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The Chairman, CEO of ‘X’, Elon Musk has said that he wants to give everything in one app. It is being said that in the coming time, X (formerly known as Twitter) will also provide facilities like YouTube, LinkedIn, FaceTime and banking apps. According to the reports, now Elon Musk has hinted at adding a dating feature to his platform.

In fact, according to a report by The Verge, recently Elon Musk had an internal meeting with CEO Linda Yaccarino. In that they had indicated that they may add new features to X in the coming time. He wants X users to find their love on the app.

Musk wants to turn X into the “everything app”. As per the reports, during an official meeting, Musk said that he wants X to compete with different apps like LinkedIn, YouTube, FaceTime and even dating apps.

Talking about how hiring happens on X and how people use this application, Elon said, “I will pay more attention to it now. We will see if they have posted any interesting content on ‘X’. He further said that the same applies on the people and and if they have found partners on this platform before.”

CEO of X, Linda Yaccarino stopped him and asked if X dating was around the corner. In response to this, Elon Musk replied that work on it is going on.

Dating App Features

Elon Musk had said some time ago that he wants to make X a one-stop solution for every need of the users. This means that you will be able to find a partner on X. You may get the facility of dating or finding love quickly. Musk has talked about bringing it in his internal meeting. He said that work has started on this and it can make a difference in the dating status.

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