Who are Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick? Wyoming boys allegedly planning shooting

Who are Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick

Who are Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick: As of this writing, two 16-year-old boys from Lander, Wyoming, named Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick are said to be on the run after threatening to shoot up a preschool in Texas. Police from all over the country are responding to the situation because the boys are thought to be armed and driving a stolen car.

Who are Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick? Wyoming Boys Allegedly Planning Shooting

Reports say that the Lander Police Department was made aware of the situation on February 8th morning after the teens sent a disturbing message to a friend in which they talked about their plan to “shoot up a preschool in Texas.” People in many places are more alert because of this scary message, especially since the boys are thought to be going toward League City, which is near Houston, Texas.

They may go through Amarillo, Texas, on their way, but police there say the threat doesn’t name any specific school in the area. However, the police are not taking any chances and are taking steps to protect the safety of areas that the suspects might pass through.

The teens are thought to have stolen a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle and some guns from a garage, which makes the search even more difficult and dangerous. The car is said to be white with a black top and a black stripe running down the side. It has Wyoming license plates.

Understandably, this event has made both locals and officials nervous. There were rumours going around and people were getting more and more worried. Hence, the superintendent of Fremont County School District #1 put out a statement to say that while two students from Lander Valley High School were missing, there was no direct threat to Lander schools at this point. The statement stressed that police are still working hard to find the students and make sure everyone in the neighbourhood is safe.

The tragic cases of Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick are a scary reminder of how violence can happen in any town. Even though the search is still going on, the police are asking anyone who knows where the two teens or the stolen car are to come forward and help catch them before they hurt anyone.

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