When flushing should the toilet lid be closed or open?

When flushing should the toilet lid be closed or open

When flushing should the toilet lid be closed or open: If you thought that closing the toilet lid while flushing kept you from coming into contact with many tiny viruses, you were wrong. A study from the University of Arizona, published recently in the American Journal of Infection Control, found that flushing the toilet with the lid open or closed doesn’t make a big difference in the amount of germs that are spread by the fast flow of water and air.

Researchers thought that no matter if the lid was up or down, when someone flushed the toilet, tiny viral particles spread to the floor and other close surfaces. We asked experts if a lid that is closed keeps food from getting dirty.

What is the right way to do it: lid closed or open?

“According to a research published in 2013 by the University of Oklahoma, it was found that faecal matter, along with various pathogens and water particles, can blast through the air and on surfaces after flushing the toilet without the lid on. These particles mostly travelled upwards, rising to the ceiling, backward towards the rear wall, and outward, spreading forward from the ceiling and into the room. Shutting the lid led to a decrease of bacteria but did not eliminate them from air samples completely, which suggests that droplets can still escape between a toilet cover and seat,” says Dr Tayal.

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Pros of When flushing should the toilet lid be closed or open:

  • That being said, Dr. Gupta says there are a few benefits to flushing with the lid open.
  • For one thing, it lets you see if everything flushed properly and there is no waste left over that could block the toilet. You can always check this by lifting the lid after flushing.
  • If the bathroom doesn’t have any windows or a ventilation fan, an open lid can help get rid of smells faster by letting more air flow through.
  • It’s also quieter to flush with the lid open if you do it late at night when other people are sleeping.

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