What is Brokerage Calls? Check List Top 10 Stockbrokers in India

Brokerage Calls Meaning

Introduction to Brokerage Calls: A Broker’s call, also known as the Call loan rate, is the interest rate used to estimate margin loans. Individuals may borrow a portion of the funds used to purchase stocks from their broker on margin. In exchange, the broker may borrow funds from a bank (with an agreement to repay the bank immediately on call).

The broker has a base rate, which is often the call rate. The effective rate will have a percentage added or removed depending on the amount borrowed, with the lowest rates for the most money borrowed.

Importance of Brokerage Calls or Stockbroker

Aside from buying and selling stocks on behalf of clients, the job of stockbrokers has changed dramatically over the previous decade. They guide investors through the entire investment process, provide research-based stock recommendations for decision-making, and help in investing in alternative investment assets, IPOs, and mutual fund schemes.

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Stockbrokers are attempting to make stock market investments simple and uncomplicated in the present era of FinTech by adopting new-age technologies. For example, most stockbrokers now have a mobile application that allows you to purchase or sell shares in a single click within seconds, manage your investments, establish watch lists, communicate with the community, and do a variety of other things.

Types of Brokerages 

There are primarily three types of brokerages

  1. Full-service broker
  2. Discount brokers
  3. Robo-advisers

How do brokers perform their work?

A broker acts as a middleman. Brokers match customers with suppliers, complete the deal between the two parties, and charge a fee as a commission for their service. If one customizes an online brokerage service to buy securities, a person is standing between the person and the deal. The brokerage software program makes the perfect match as per the user’s requirements.

Top 10 Stockbrokers in India

  • ICICI Direct

Charges of Brokerage Calls: free

  • M. Stock Free

Charges of Brokerage Calls: Free

  • 5Paisa Free

Charges of Brokerage Calls: Free

  • Zerodha

Charges of Brokerage Calls: Free

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  • Angel One

Charges of Brokerage Calls: Free

  • Upstox

Charges of Brokerage Calls: 0.05 paise

  • HDFC Securities

Charges of Brokerage Calls: Free

  • Invest 

Charges of Brokerage Calls: Rs 1/Order

  • Grow

Charges of Brokerage Calls: Rs.20/order

  • Kotak Securities

Charges of Brokerage Calls: Free