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Web Series History & Career

Introduction of Web Series: A web series is a kind of movie that is divided into different parts and every part has its value which is released from time to time to maintain the excitement, suspense, and thriller of the audience. 

Netflix and Amazon Prime are the most popular platforms where the greatest number of Web series are released. 

History of Web Series 

In 1995 Global Village idiot was the first web series uploaded on the internet and in the same year the spot, which is an online story separated into different episodes, was also released on social platforms online. 

The Career of Web Series

In January 1999 sci-fi series Whirl Girl licensed by the National Television network was released and was liked by many people. 

In 2000 the Japanese anime industry started releasing video animation and net animation series. Illusion (2000), Ajimu (2001), and Mahou Yuugi are some of the popular web series released in 2000- 2001.

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From 2003 to 2006 different kinds of web series related to various genres like romance, fight thriller, suspense horror, etc. were released on the social media platform Rooster Teeth website and got 100 million views. In 2006 Sam had 7 friends nominated for daytime Emmy awards. 

In 2006 Squeezes and Gemini Malan divisions were some of the first original web series which became extremely popular in New York, Am in many other countries.  

In 2008 nice piece My Space Road Yours released which was a web video that got the attention of entertainment in America 

Later in the upcoming years beginning tog is extremely popular among different cities and various countries including India, America, England, Canada, and many others. 

Nowadays people like to watch web series more than movies. They vote for web series because they want to maintain the excitement and suspense for a long time.

GOT (Game of Thrones) Friends, Naruto Stranger Things, etc. are some of the modern time all-time favorite web series of people. 

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In India, after 2016 the concept of web series became more popular.  Web Series like Mirzapur Panchayat are some of the most liked and top-rated web series released in the Hindi language in the Bollywood industry.