Vinod Mehra Biography: Age, Wife, Family, Education & Career

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Vinod Mehra is an Indian actor who worked in the Bollywood film industry from (1971-1990). He was an actor, producer, and director in his professional life.  

Vinod Mehra Biography

Vinod Mehra Early Life and Education: Vinod Mehra were born in Amritsar Punjab India on 13 February 1945. He was born to Parameshwari Mehra and Kamala Mehra. He completed his educational qualifications at Sacred Heart High School and St Xaviers College Mumbai India.

Vinod Mehra married Kiran who was the daughter of one of Kenya’s Businessmen. Kiran gave birth to two children, one daughter and one son, Rohan and Soniya. Vinod died on 30 October 1990 due to a heart attack at the age of 45.

His wife went to her mother and sister and her kids were raised in Mombasa and later went to the UK for higher studies After completing their education they both started acting in the Bollywood industry. 

Vinod Mehra Career and Popularity

Vinod Mehra has worked on more than 100 movies in the Hindi cinematic universe. Initially, he got the role of a supporting actor and later as a lead actor.

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His top-grossed and most-liked movies are –

  • Us Paar (1974)
  • Naagin(1976)
  • Sabse Bada Rupiya(1976)
  • Zindagi (1976)
  • Ghar (1978)
  • Saajan Bina Suhagan(1978)
  • Jurmana(1979)
  • Elaan(1981)
  • Saajan Ki Saheli (1981)
  • Pyaar Ki Jeet(1987)
  • Khudar (1982)
  • Ustad  Ustad Se (1982)
  • Bindiya Chamkegi (1984)
  • Bemisal (1992). 
  • Vinod became very popular after his debut movie Us Paar 

More Information About Vinod Mehra

In 1965 when the All India Talent Contest was released by United Producers and Filmfare, among 1000 contestants Rajesh Khanna was the 1st contestant and Vinod Mehra got the 2nd contestant title.

There were several rumors that Rekha and Vinod were dating each other, and Vinod married Rekha secretly, but Rekha cleared this publicly that there was no relationship-type bond between her and Vinod. They are just good friends. 

Listening to Mohammad Rafi songs was Vinod’s favorite thing. He never thought of becoming popular and getting a huge fan base in the universe of movies, His talent and hard work made him a top star in the industry of acting.

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Gurudev was the last movie of Vinod Mehra. He was the producer and director of that film, which was released in 1993 after 3 years of his death. 

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