Uttarakhand Assembly Plans UCC Bill Passage, Dhami Confirms

Uttarakhand Assembly Plans UCC Bill Passage

Uttarakhand Assembly Plans UCC Bill Passage: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that the Uttarakhand Assembly will pass laws about the Uniform Civil Code when it meets again on February 5.

”It is a special session of the state assembly convened particularly for the passage of a bill on the UCC,” Dhami told PTI.

Uttarakhand Assembly Plans UCC Bill Passage

He said that on February 2, the draft of the UCC would be given to the state government by the group of experts led by former Supreme Court judge Ranjana Prakash Desai.

Dhami said that after that, all the formalities and constitutional steps needed to make it a law will be taken care of.

He said that the draft would be talked about at a meeting of the state cabinet that would happen after the UCC draft was turned in.

He said that a meeting of the assembly had already been set up just to take steps to make it an act.

The UCC will be put into place in Uttarakhand first, before it is used in any other state. Dhami made this a big promise before the 2022 elections for the state assembly.

As soon as Dhami took office for a second term in Uttarakhand, he decided at his first cabinet meeting to set up a group to write the UCC.

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