Uncover Your Personality Traits with Sitting style: Legs Crossed, Secrets Revealed:

Uncover Your Personality Traits with Sitting style

Uncover Your Personality Traits with Sitting Style: How do you cross your legs while sitting down? Do you cross your knees? Or do you put your feet together? Do you sit with one knee on top of the other, making a figure four? Find out more about yourself by looking at how you cross your legs.

In our earlier personality tests, we looked at psychological traits based on the shape of your hand, how you sleep, how you stand, and other factors. Expert studies on behavior have shown that the way your legs are positioned can tell you a lot about your personality. Here’s another personality test that tells you what your leg-crossing style says about you.

Uncover Your Personality Traits with Sitting Style

Knee Over Another Personality Traits

You are a crazy idea maker who gets lost in your own thoughts even when you’re just standing there if you sit with one knee over the other. Behind closed doors, your big personality is ready to shock everyone. Even though you are a little guarded and don’t trust people right away, you seem like a really nice and friendly person to talk to.

You might be great at talking to people. You might look like someone who is cut off, and sometimes you are, but you’re a great person who can make people happy with any topic. You seem cut off, but you are actually very open-minded and don’t judge others. When people talk to you, they feel at ease.

It’s likely that people find you charming and beautiful. You spend a lot more time improving your inner world than looking for approval from other people. You like things that are good for your soul more than things that are useful. You tend to pay close attention to what your partner wants and thinks when you’re with them. You are a very dedicated person once you make a promise. You would do well with a person who likes the same kinds of art you do.

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Ankles Crossed Personality Traits

Based on the things about you that describe who you are, you may have an elegant, polished, mature, down-to-earth personality with your legs crossed. You look and act like a queen or royal princess. You often try to motivate and encourage other people.

When it comes to partnerships, you might be less impulsive and more careful. You could take your time getting to know someone before making a decision. You might be less likely to tell other people personal things and more shy. If you want a serious, one-night stand, you might not want to tell anyone else about your relationship issues save your partner.

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Figure Four Leg Lock Personality Traits

Your personality shows that you are an interesting mix of confident and calm if you sit with one ankle over another knee, making a figure four shape. Imagine a lion relaxing in the sun and giving off a powerful vibe. You are that. Whether you mean to or not, you give off an air of power and control. When you sit with your legs locked together like that, it shows that you’re sure of yourself and your space. People naturally want to be around you because you are calm and strong.

Even though you seem very grown and in control, you have a young, free-spirited vibe about you. The fun side of you can surprise people. You give off an air of independence and self-sufficiency. You don’t need anyone to hold you up. You know you have my back. People are drawn to and inspired by this self-reliance. One more thing about you that is true: you like being in charge. It doesn’t feel too much, though, because you do it with such grace and ease.

It takes you a long time to think about and learn about yourself. You will work on the parts of your life that need work to make up for any gaps. You will work toward your goals, learn new things, feed your mind with information, and so on. Your job and school will always come first, no matter what is going on in your daily life. That’s why you feel good about yourself in your heart. You don’t have to show anyone anything. Your inner peace shows through in everything you do.