TSE Excludes Armed Forces From Monitoring Electronic Voting Machines

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The TSE (Superior Electoral Court) today approved a resolution that excludes the Armed Forces from the list of entities monitoring electronic voting machines. The measure occurred after a decision by the President of the Court, Alexandre de Moraes, and a year after the crises between the court and the military in the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government. The STF (Federal Supreme Court) also ceased to be a supervisory entity, but three STF ministers make up the TSE.

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The proposal was read by Moraes at the session and unanimously approved by the other members of the TSE. The stitching had already been done since the beginning of the semester, and the decision takes place in preparations for the security tests of the ballot boxes that will be used in the 2024 elections . CONTINUES AFTER ADVERTISING Behind the scenes, opinion and analysis of the most relevant facts in politics, in the palm of your hand. Download the UOL app.

The participation of the Armed Forces in the list of entities monitoring the electronic voting system and in the electoral transparency commission did not prove necessary, reasonable and efficient. Alexandre de Moraes, president of the TSE Moraes thanked the partnership with the Armed Forces , especially in voter security and logistical support for the military.

And he said such measures will continue to occur. It will remain in activities that are actually those that the Armed Forces have historically and traditionally carried out, in a great partnership with the Electoral Court, for the safety of voters at polling places, in addition to the essential logistical support they provide in transporting ballot boxes.

Attacks under Bolsonaro The role of the Armed Forces in the TSE produced crises during last year’s elections , especially with Bolsonaro’s political use of questions made by the military to the court. The tension between the TSE, Bolsonaro and the military led minister Edson Fachin, who presided over the TSE for six months in 2022, to state that the elections were a matter for “disarmed forces”.

Continues after advertising Despite the questions, the military performed timidly in the so-called “Public Security Test” , in which the ballot boxes underwent simulated attacks to identify equipment failures. The report that did not indicate fraud. At the end of the 2022 elections, the military presented a report stating that it was not possible to conclude that the vote total data from the polls was correct, but did not cite any evidence of fraud.